Wellness Wednesday: Stressing out the process, forgetting that it is a process.♡☆♡☆

Greetings beloveds! 

I’m back for another random Wellness Wednesday ♡ I hope this seesaw weather finds you all well. Today I write to remind you of a simple & easily overlooked piece of information: there is no need to rush ourselves. Sure, sometimes we need a good kick in the arse to get moving or to keep it moving, but rush? Nah. The process of progress with new changes to your life or to reimplement healthier lifestyle choices (not only diet & exercise but Spiritually & emotionally as well) is a day by day event. We know not what the next day will bring us so we must make a concious effort to put our energy into the present & make it the best we can. Without that, we stay in constant need for something more, in constant dissatisfaction with what we have that we should be grateful for & embracing.

So with Caribana (Toronto Caribbean Carnival) coming in July 2017, I’m on working on getting my body fit fuh di road! My costume is going to be blingy & skimpy (to my standards) & I am in health-freak mode. That being said, I have been researching & reading up on the importance of cleansing my system through fasts as well as a vegetarian diet, as I am also working on what I like to call my Life Cleanse. The vegetarian aspect is very doable for me as that is my regular (aside from the occasional piece of chicken bacon on the weekends lol). Prayer, smudging, & meditation as part of my Spiritual regime are also very helpful. It’s the fasting that I am struggling with. I look at old pics back when I thought I needed to lose more weight & ask myself, “What was I thinking back then? I looked great!” Then I get caught up in the research of the healtheir lifestyles & I honeslty get overwhelmed.  I sometimes don’t know where to start, saying to myself, “Girl you know you miss your overnight oats!” “Just have one piece of chocolate; No! Leave it alone!” And don’t get me started on how I feel about my body & what needs trimming down & toned up. I love my body don’t get me wrong, but as many women can atest to, whether a size 2 or 22, I have those areas that I stare at in mirror & wish they were just an inch less or more toned. 

The other night I came to an Ah ha! moment where the quote in today’s title came to me. Spending so much time stressing out about the process of eating better (which I am doing), exercising (which I am doing), getting to bed earlier (working on it), the list goes on, I forget that Rome really wasn’t built in day. The greatest wonders of the world were not created in one day. Time was taken to pay attention the to details day by day, acknowledging the accomplishments along the way, & embracing each bit with love. We are wonders. We deserve that attention to our daily details, giving ourselves love & peace & joy through the simple action of gratitude for the present moment.  If not for that, we stress out & forget that is an actual process that takes time & deserves your support. Give yourself what you need & remember that it is all a process: one day at a time.

Love yourself & be yourself.  

Peace & Love ♡☆


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