Motivation Monday: Happy Holidays!

​Good morning ♡

Another Monday has rolled around & what a Wintery one! This being the last week before the Holidays begin, I  want to wish every a safe & happy holiday season. Whichever holiday you observe, may it be a blessed & filled with love & gratitude. Not everyone has family or friends to spend this time with, or maybe someone has passed on & this has left a void that can’t be filled. Whatever the case, if at all else, remember to give compassion & Love for the season & year round. I won’t be posting again until closer to New Year’s Eve, so until then, have fun, stay warm, be merry, & of course, be safe. Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

Feel Free Friday! Stay warm!

​Good morning ♡

Happy Feel Free Friday! Wow what  a cold one! Stay warm & safe  out there today 🙂 Short & sweet, as bitterly frigid it is outside, I am glad to wake up to beautiful pink & purple sunrises, hugs & kisses from my mini-me (even with morning breath lol), & Love Love Love. Winter is here but warmth is all around us.Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”-Albert Camus

Wellness Wednesday: “Fitness, health, & beauty”♡

​Good morning ♡

Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday 🙂 Remember last week when we spoke on how to Honor your story? Well, this past Sunday, I was given an opportunity to honor my own story through connecting with other women who also shared their own stories with me & each other. I was welcomed to interview the lovely Janiece McIntosh, owner of Fabu Phit, a Spa that caters to women’s needs in terms of health, fitness, & inner & outer beauty, all from a holistic perspective & approach. Sunday’s Pop-Up Spa at Nanni’s Natural Hair Studio was defintely a mix of all these, from hair & make-up, to massages & sharing stories about Life, where we have been, where we are, & where we want to go. 

When I walked into the salon, I had some nervousness as this is the first time I have done something like this with Peace(ful) Project. I hardly had an idea of what to expect, but what I experienced surpassed any expectations I did have. The warmth & positive vibrations were so tangible, as Janiece& other attendees embraced my daughter & I as we came in. After our introductions, we had ‘girl talk’ about where we’ve been & want to go in Life. The discussions ranged from body image & the importance of loving yourself no matter who  has an issue with it, to hair care & good food, to motherhood and Me time, &  a whole multitude of topics. As each of us connected, we found out how much we are alike & share exepriences that we each can learn from. The overall theme of each conversations was Self-Love. This simple yet profound meeting of the minds was incredible.  What I loved most eas how we all took the time to listen & hear each other. Janiece shared our stories of how we each had certain points in our lives that affected our health & relationships with others because of the lack of time we spent taking of ourselves. This is how Fabu Phit was born. By recongizing the need to take care of one’s self, by remembering to show ourselves Love, we pay closer attention to what we think & fill our minds with, how we feel, what we eat, our physical health, & our spiritual health. Janiece’s goal with Fabu Phit is to create a welcoming space fornother women to come & gain useful knowledge to apply to their everyday lives that will help create & maintain balance.

Janiece is truly a bright soul & I’m so glad to have met her! I look forward to doing more with her in the furture. Something I took from this exeprience, among many other important lessons, was the importance of sharing our stories. 
I am so grateful for the chance to experience this. It truly was insipring for Inner Peace & I highly recommend you visit her site for more! You won’t be disappointed:-) A special thanks as well to my hairdresser & new friend, Janet (from Nanni’s Natural Hair Studios) for your kindness & encouragement. Had I not mentioned my blog to her I probably wouldn’t have known about Fabu Phit. I wouldn’t have met more like minded women to add love & experience on my journey. I  wouldn’t have had the opportunity to share Peace(ful) Project with more people & make it even more tangible to my readers, as I am working on more & more. 

Have a great & inspiring day my loves! Shine your light as you never know who you’ll meet & who you’ll touch with your story 🙂 As always, Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

-Janiece McIntosh: owner of Fabu Phit

-Janet Campbell: storyteller, hair stylist, and owner of Nanni’s Natural Hair Studio; LadyDee 

“Never be afraid to seek out ways to discover yourself. You will never be disappointed!” -LadyDee

Motivational Monday: Take care of you!

​Blessed Monday ♡

Welcome to another Snow Day! With Winter in full effect, I’m taking my cue from Mother Nature to take some time to rest & relax. Some well needed snuggle up with onsies & hot cocoa is the way to go! On a deeper level, our Spirits do need time to stay still & quiet to refresh & restore. This is very crucial to regaining & maintaining our Inner Peace. 

With life being so busy, we easily forget what is needed to keep us afloat. We forget that our physical & spiritual bodies need balance, work & rest, chaos & calm…we need the downtime! Take some time this week to turn off the tv, maybe pull out a good book, or just sip something warm & cozy (maybe something red & chilled, wink wink), take a hot soak with some epsom salts, & unwind. My favourite thing to do is after a warm bath and rub in warm body oil, I curl up with a good book & noteboo and just let loose into my imagination. So much comes out onto the pages, & those who know me personally knownthat I love to get lost in a good book. After that, I feel way lighter & can sleep better, waking into a new day with a fresh hope & Peace. 

That type of Me time is needed in the day to day husltes of Life. With this snowfall, I remind tou (as well as myself) to take time to slow down some & smell the hot chocolate 😊 Make time to restore yourself so you can feel free to face another day, in peace of mind & clear Spirit.  Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

-photo credits: Detroit Institute of Arts; Pinterest

“Prioritise self-care & incorporate a minimum of 60 mins ‘ME TIME’ into your daily routine. YES THERE ARE  enough hours in the day. NO EXCUSES.”-Miya Yamanouchi

Feel Free Friday ! Honor your story (part 3)

​Happy Friday! It’s that time again to Feel Free ♡ 

Let it snow! Another snowfall covered the city last night; may you all be safe & stay warm☺

Wednesday was part 2 of Honor your story & today I encourage you to share it! Be brave & be bold! What you think seems mediocre or as though no one will care, we have more Power than we think. We can touch the hearts, souls, & monds of others simply through the utilizatation of our uniques gifts. There is always more than what’s on the surface.

As I continue to work on building & expanding my blog, (thank you readers!) I sometimes struggle with pitching it to others, describing it & what it is exaclty that I do. We all have those moments where we feel like what we do isn’t much or that no one will really care. Sometimes I’ll meet people & in discussion, I may not mention what I do outside of my nursing career as my work, & I walk away from the encounter feeling like I did myself a diservice because maybe just by speaking about Peace(ful) Project, may reach & inspire someone else. Then there are those moments where I do speak about what I do with this blog & the way it is received is always with welcoming comments & inspiration read the posts & to just be more positive in their own lives. I have even been invited to write about a business or initiave, to edit & write magazine articles, & facilitate workshops!

So, to start honoring my story more actively, I will be pitching Peace(ful) Project to a natural spa pop-up event, to attend & write a piece about the importance of life balance & women’s beauty. I’m nervous but the more I think about it I’m actually really excited. Even if my presence isn’t accepted, at least I will build the confidence to continue seeking out ways to build Peace(ful) Project & reach more people with each post. 

Thanfkully, I have really good sister-friends that encourage me with reminders of how my words reach them & others. Each day I grow more confident in what I do, that I am a writer (I write poerty, short stories, & motivational pieces as with this blog, & much more)! This is who I am & this is what do: I write. And I am so grateful, because the more I write, the more comfortbale I grow within myself to share with others the Power of Peace. I hope that you reading this will find confidence in your own story as well, as we continue to grow together on this journey of Peace(ful)ness. Have a great day everyone & enjoy the weekend!

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

Wellness Wednesday : Honor your story ! (part 2)

​Blessed Wellness Wednesday  ♡

Honor your story (part 2)

I hope we’re all having a good week so far, keeping warm & braving the wet & cool weather 😙

Part of being at peace within is to honor our truest selves. This means we give light to the parts of us that need that extra spark & to those places in us that need not be hidden. Sure there are things in our life that have happened that need not define us, that we aren’t proud of. Today’s post is to encourage & inspire you in terms of seeing all of you, accepting the flaws & all, & moving forward in your greatness.How do we do that? Here are some steps:

The first step is to release any shame or guilt you may be holding onto. It may be something that you did or didn’t do that you need make ammneds for & seek forgiveness. It may be that you need to let go of some hurt that you carry around from what someone else did. It can also be that you are blaming yourself for something that needs healing. Whatever it is, release it. Go seek that forgiveness & clean the slate. Forgive the past & move forward with the present into the future. This is huge when it comes to living your truth & honoring the story of you.

The second step is to believe in yourself. You have a dream, a goal that you want to reach. Envision yourself there. Feel what it will be like for you, what you want to feel when it is accomplished. Live in that feeling, write it downon your goals list, & speak on it! The more you hear it out loud the more real it becomes for you. 

Last but not least is to talk to others about it. Share it with others that inspire you, that are clearly supportive of you. Take advantage of those chance opportunities where you meet a person that may even help you reach that goal, & speak on it! You never know what can happen! You may become closer to your goal than you think. And even more importantly, you may inspire someone else, whether they can relate to you & no longer feel alone with their own story, or for them to speak their own story & go for their goals. Now, there are some that you don’t need to tell all your goals to, but in the cases where it is clear that you are in a safe & divinely appointed place to speak, Feel Free!

Stay tuned for next time, as on Feel Free Friday I will be sharing some of my own experiences about how I am learning more about honoring my own story.  Stay tuned & I hope this inspires you to be true to yourself. Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do.”- Brenè Brown

Motivational Monday ! Honor your story (part 1)

​Welcome back to Monday!♡

I hope we all enjoyed our time this weekend. This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel with my sister-friend our kiddies, & explore something new & different, & I am so grateful for it. Learning about where you came from, understanding more about the context of your roots, definitely makes it clearer to understand the steps you need to make towards your future. 

Visiting the Charles H. Wright African American History Museum in Detroit, I was given another look into the history of my African ancestors. From the beginning of time, learning about our roots in the development of the human race, to the numerous civilizations, through slavery, & our continued progress throughout the years, it was eye-opening to get a life-like experience of it all. Needless to say, it was emotional, pulling at every heart string & fibre in my physical & Spiritual body. There were moments of hesitation where I didn’t  want to walk through certain exhibits, but there was no turning back & the only way through was to go forward. At the end of the exhibit, releif & gratitude were the lingering feelings. Relief was because there were some aspects that don’t have to move forward with us, & that as painful as it is to know the atrocities happened, there are still many things to learn from that resonate into the here & now. Grratitude was for all of it, namely that there is such a place that allows not only people of African descent to visit & see ancient to present artifacts of our ancestors & presemt day peoples, but where other nationalities can come & learn about what we went through & where we are now.

There is great power in honoring our stories. When we take the time to learn from our past, we make room for forgiveness, for love, for understanding, Not only that, we can make preparations for better steps in the future, whether the past was positive or negative. No need to dwell in it for too long, but sometimes a good examination is needed so you can weigh it all out. No need carry around guilt & shame, but rather put love to it, make amends  with yourself & others where you can, & move forward. Some people will join you on the journey & others may exit your path, but when clarity is gained, the only way is forward.  Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”- Marcus Garvey 

Feel Free Friday!

​Good day my loves ♡

It’s Friday! Feel Free! This Feel Free Friday is to encourage you to be free to just Be! Let loose this weekend & enjoy the time. Whether it’s during the day or after hours, just be free! Leave your troubles aside for a while, give yourself a mental break, & be present in each moment. I’ll be spending some well overdue time with good friends & our kids, taking in some new experiences to make new memories 🙂 What will you be up to this weekend? Share it! Feel free to drop me a line in the comments & share your positive & Peaceful inspirations from this weekend or from any other day this week! I’d love to hear about it! As always, remember to Love yourself & be yourself. Pecae & Love ♡☆

“Forget your troubles & get happy!”- Jane Froman

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