Making History

Good morning β™‘

Monday has arrived! Welcome welcome! I hope we all had good weekends whether we worked or not. As today also marks the last day of Black History month, I would like to take the time to honor the history making moves of a group of women I am so happy to be associated with: Caribbean Women’s Society ! This weekend, we created waves in our community, holding a cultural show & expo that brought many community businesses & programs together. It was a beautiful display of our many talents, knowlegdes, & businesses, educating each other & other community members on the presence of Caribbean peoples in the community. And the vibes were all love. We embraced each other & made many connections with each other that we may not have made had we not met in that setting. To top it off, we had some wonderful entertainment as well as activities for the kiddies that kept them occupied & having fun πŸ™‚ I feel very blessed to have been there in support of these lovely ladies as well giving out my messages of positivity & Love. Bless up Camille, founder of this amazing society, & all the members & volunteers that are apart of this Movement! “We are here, we are accomplished, we are united!” This is only the beginning…..Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love β™‘ β˜†

Activity: This week, take some time to research some social efforts going on in your community that are involved in uplifting each other, & empower each other in unity. Find ways that you may be able to contribute or volunteer or even donate in some way that can help. I understand that it may not be possible to commit to anything permanent or long term but a little goes a long wayβ™‘

Quote: “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”- Cesar Chavez


The Peace(ful) Project Ritual Box

Good night β™‘

After a long & busy week one of the first things you want to do is relax. If you don’t already have ways to achieve this fully, it can be difficult to find something that is affordable that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Enter in the Peace(ful) Project Ritual Box. Β I created a box full of natural handmade scrubs & candles, & bath salts, that implore you to make your peaceful journey that much more tangible. Below are the steps for the Love Yourself Box:

This ritual has 6 steps (bathtub & shower instructions):

Bath tub instructions:

1. Fill your tub with water for a bath, adding the bath salts as the water fills the tub.

2. In the meantime, light your candle and select some music from your favourite playlist to set the mood of relaxation (i.e. jazz, neo soul, spoken word, meditation music, etc).

3. Slide into the tub, close your eyes, & do nothing. Let you body soak in the salts. Envision all the tension rising out of your muscles & let your body relax. Let the stresses of the day float away & have your thoughts rest on ways that you love yourself, inside & out.

4. Once you feel yourself slowing down & more relaxed, take to the scrub. As you apply it, do it with deliberation. While you scrub, think about how much you love each inch of your body. Even if you don’t like a roll or dimple or stretch mark, show it some love while you symbolically scrub away any stress or tension remainig from the day, rubbing in Love in it’s place (warning: this process may make you very emotional; just let it flow!)

5. Once you’ve scrubbed all over your body, sink back into the water & let it wash away any left over stress while replenishing your skin & Spirit. Stay for as long as you feel you need to.

6. When you’re ready to get out the tub, do so carefully to avoid slipping due to the oils in the scrub. Pat dry & that’s it! No lotion required as the oils in the scrub will keep your skin moisturized & smooth for hours afterward. Wrap up this ritual by looking in your eyes in the mirror & telling yourself one thing you love about you.

And that’s it! The best time to do this ritual is on a Sunday evening before working on a Monday morning, but you can do it any day you feel the need to wash away the stress & embrace the Love you have within. Carry your Love Yourself thoughts with you throughout the week when trials try to steal your joy or situations make you feel down. Remember to love yourself through it all.

*Shower instructions are the same as the bathtub instructions minus the use of the bath salts*

For more details on other ritual boxes (i.e. Mother’s Day Box, Me Time Box, Couples’ Time box, etc) email me at for more info on what’s included, prices, how to place your orders, & delvery details. Peace & Love β™‘ β˜†
“Speak to yourself in love today, & give yourself the positive vibrations to lead you to a Peaceful state within yourself. “I am worthy,” “I am beauty,” “I am peace,” etc. Fill yourself with love and fulfillment and walk in the confidence that you are whole. Even when we make mistakes, forgive yourself and move forward in love to do better the next time, as this is part of your growth as well.”-LadyDee

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Inner Peaceβ™‘β˜†

Good morning β™‘

Another beautiful Monday morning has greeted us (even if it is -2 degree weather), we give thanks for being alive & healthy to see it. As the 4th week of Black History month is upon us, today, I will pay homage to a well known author, speaker, spiritual leader & advisor, Ms. Iyanla Vanzant. From humble beginnings with a rough & abusive childhood to abusive relationships & single motherhood, to becoming a lawyer, motivational speaker, life coach, Yoruba priestess, & more, she is an inspiration to both men & women that you can be what you want to be, when become who you need to be. She is a huge inspiration to me & many others that I know, that as a Black woman who fit almost every negative stereotype society holds against us, we can become our highest selves if we make right with ourselves. Once we do that, we can not only become our truest selves but also inspire others to do the same. What we have inside reflects outward; why not make that reflection a positive one & let it spread to everyone we meet. Thank you Iyanla for not only showing us that we can do this but also sharing the tools to assist on the path to get there. Happy Monday lovelies! Love yourself& be yourself. Peace & Love β™‘ β˜†

Activity: An activity that I found very helpful in giving myself a cleaner slate in pursuing my inner peace was self forgiveness. There is a forgiveness practice that i read about in Iyanla’s “Taoping the Power Within,” where for 7 days you list 35 things in the day that you need to forgive others for & at night, 35 things that you forgive yourself for. I did this & it took me a lpng time to get through it. In all honesty, the things I forgave others for that I thought I had, became less heavy on me, & to think of those instances now where I was hurt or dealt with less than amicably no longer hurt me or make me angry the way they used to. There is a sense of acceptance now that what happened happened & it is not a reflection of me but rather a reflection of them, & I no longer need to define my life based on those hurts. The same goes for the things I forgive myself for. I no longer need to live in the guilt of past choices that were not in my best interest & I can move on with peace knowing I am working on being a better me. This was & still is crucial for me, everyday, as I remind myself that I am forgiven & release the guilts that try to creep up every now & again in low times. Today, I challenge you to attempt the night time aspect of this practice but do it all day. Forgive yourself for the things that you may or may not have done & work towards releasing the guilt. In that you will find it easier to make right with the ones you’ve hurt and most importantly with yourself β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†

Quote: ” I’ve always wanted people to know who they are from the inside. Then they can create the life they desire and deserve. I’ve always believed that my job was to facilitate the evolution of the human consciousness.”- Iyanla Vanzant


In like a lamb…

Feb.16th, 2016

Good afternoon β™‘

I hope we all enjoyed the long weekend spending time with family and loved ones. I hope you all arrive to your desitantions safe & sound today. This was an extra special weekend for me as I celebrated another year in Life. I am truly grateful for being alive, to think of the times I could’ve not made it, & looking at the blessings I have, I am thankful to still be here to enjoy them amd continue to pursue my dreams. A woman in my own personal Black history that I & shed light on & honor in my personal history is my Mother. My mother preserved through many a trial & rough time to make sure her family had everything we needed to make it. As my family tells me, she had an undying ambition, working to reach one goal, & then work towards another, always looking forward & not letting setbacks crush her Spirit. She left this world at the age I am now, & in honor of her memory, in honor of her ambition, that which kept me and my siblings going during the hardest of times, prayers & Love that brought me back from death’s door in my early years, I salute you Mommy & will continue to remember you & share all the Love you gave me. I love you. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love β™‘ β˜†

Activity : Take a moment today to remember someone in your life, here or passed on, that youcan say contributed to your present life in a positive way. Think of the ways they inspire you & focus on those positive energies, especially if you’re stuck in a rutt today β™‘β˜†

Quote: “In like a lamb, out like a lion.”- Luvina Davis


Looking to the starsβ˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

Good morning β™‘

Happy Monday my lovlies! Another week has rolled around & to mark it, we have entered another New Moon session. In honor of Black History month & our New Moon, what better way than to pay homage to the first Black Astronomer in Black history, Mr. Benjamin Banneker. He was not Canadian but rather he was born in Ellicott Mills, Maryland on November 9th, 1731. Born to unslaved parents, Benjamin was mostly self taught, with a specific interest in Astronomy & was able to predict lunar & solar eclipses. He was the author of over 28 editions of Almanacs, providing accurate &detailed account of Astronomy. He was also known for his business relationship with Thomas Jefferson, writing letters back & forth, urging him to consider the state of Blacks in America & to consider equity. As Benjamin took great interest in the way the stars were applicable to every day life, let us look to the skies for inspiration, and feel the balance of nature. As always, what youput out is what you get back. Don’t forget to make your New Moon list! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love β™‘ β˜† – visit for today’s New Moon activity & quote of the day

Quote: ” Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.”- Plato


I love me! β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†

Good morning β™‘

It’s Wonderful Wednesday πŸ™‚ With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’m sure romance is on the mind: how will he/she show me love this Valentine’s Day, what romantic gestures should I do or gift do I give to my love to say how much “I love you”? But what about you? How do you show yourself some Love? How do you practice it daily? Remember the beauty within & acknowledge it! Feel good for yourself & let your inner light shine. Let your self confidence & self love be radiant & create the powerful vibration that spreads love tonothers but also brings it back to you as well β™‘ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love β™‘ β˜†

Activity :

Say & do something good for yourself today! One thing I like to do is write love poems & address them to myself. Reading them over makes me remeber that i am worthy of the love that I show others that I too, deserve that unconditional Love. Try doing something loving for yourself that you would do for someone else that you love. Give yourself butterflies!

Quote : ” The most important thing we can remember for ourselves is to love ourselves. When we do this, when we really love ourselves, we honor the Almighty who resides within, & lift ourselves to our highest selves. “- LadyDee


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