Thoughtful Thursday: The Blooming Bush

Greetings on this Thoughtful Thursday!

Inspired by Spring, this scene of a blooming bush captured my attention on this cold & gray morning.

Even when it seems gloomy & murky, when the fence seems to be holding you in, growth is still nigh, & you inner power & strength will reveal itself. It just takes time; be patient & love yourself through the struggle. You are meant to bloom beautifully ♡☆ Peace & Love ♡☆ 

Welness Wednesday: Mindfulness❤


I hope everyone had some good times with family & loved ones this Easter holiday weekend 🙂 Today, I’m sending out positive vibrations for you in the essence of Gratitude.  We focus on what we don’t have so much so that we lose focus on what we do have. We lose sight of the many natural beauties & blessings around us. Even down to the breath we breathe everyday, we often take it for granted that tomorrow exists. Today, I am grateful for this moment, right now, as I write & share positive motivation with you. What are you grateful for today?
Taking a morning walk by the lake on the Easter Monday, as cold as it was, it was refreshingly invigorating. I took in the sights of the water, trees, grass, listened to the birds singing, ducks & geese swimming….I am grateful to have haf the time to reconnect with Mother Nature as a reminder that we a part of her. I am grateful that I am alive & healthy enough to take this walk. I am also grateful to have this Peaceful experience to share with you. What a simple joy it brought just to be walking & jogging through nature listening to its sounds & taking in the sights. As you see in the picture, there are two ducks sleeping by the water’s edge. So calm, so peaceful, & bothered by nothing. They were simply taking a snooze by the lake, that’s it. 

What I have been learning these last few weeks is that being present in the very moment we are in, whatever moment it may be, we give ourselves the chance to connect with the truest part of ourselves, connect with Spirit, giving Life a chance to show us why we are here without our minds travelling to every thought of the day or tasks of our lives. As we go throughout the rest of the week, zI hopefor you is that you are able to find evem the smallest thing to be grateful for & enjoy the peace of being in the moment. Be grateful you are able to exist in that moment. Until next time, Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆ 

“Gratitude raises your joy and awareness; gratitude expands your awareness”-Oprah

Wellness Wednesday: It’s a new day!


It’s a new day! A new day to choose a new feeling, a new path in a new way. Leave yesterday in yesterday & embrace the present of today. We don’t know exaclty what’s in store but we can always give it hope & feed the Universe a positive vibration. have an awesome day fam! Peace & Love ♡☆

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