Have Fun with it!

Good morning ♡
It’s another beautiful day  for today’s Motivation Monday! Let this warm weather inspire you to have some fun & be gratfeul for what lies in store for you!

Whatever it is that you do today, whatever positive goals you are pursuing, don’t foget to have some fun & enjoy the time while you still have it. We live this life only once before transitioning to the next one. Remember the God in you & inner child within, finding the gratitude & joy in everything you do. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Quote: “Never let age extinguish the fire of your inner child.” – S. Ajna


Rome wasn’t built in a day. …

Good morning ♡


It’s another Feel Free Friday & today’s moment was inspired by a quote I saw on the way to work at the GO station. We’ve all heard the phrase that Rome wasn’t built in a day. A beautiful city, no doubt, Rome has a rich, deep, & controversial history. Like the massive Egyptian pyramids, these intricate details definitely took time, patience, & undying effort. That morning, on my way to work, I was thinking about all the what ifs & maybe I’m behind on reaching my goals (never mind that not only am I a full time mother, working full time hours in my career, I’m also in school & manage my blogs, while attempting to create the ever essential Me time & social time when I can). As one thought or idea pops into my head another follows & I work on making efforts for both (or more than 3), sometimes forgetting that I don’t have to do it all, right now, at this minute. Time is time. Making ourselves busy doesn’t always keep us productive. It just keeps us busy, eventually leading to burnout, keeping us away from Peace. A good friend once told me not to over- extend myself, that sometimes it’s okay to say, “No, not right now, not today.” Reading the quote at the GO station reminded me of this that a lot of the greatest wonders of the world took years to create. At age 32, I am making more efforst towards my life’s works and goals, & will rememeber that my Purpose doesn’t have an age limit. I just have to keep working at it, remembering to not beat myself up because the goals I thought I’d have acheieved by now havent all come through as yet, but they will come & opportunities will arise. I pray each day to remain humble so I can see such doors open & wisdom to walk through when the timing is right. Today,I encourgae you to be gentle with yourself & take things one step at a time. There’s no need to rush. Prioritize what you need to do to & what you want to do &take yhe necessary steps to acheieve those things. It will take time, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day ♡ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


☆The Balance☆

Good morning ♡

It may be gloomy out today but the warm weather is still here 🙂 Yay! This is a nice balance, where we have some rain & some warmth both at the same time. If we take some time to really observe Mother Nature, we can see how the flow of Life is shown to us. We have days of warmth, sunshine, heat, & we thrive out in the open. Flowers & vegetation bloom & blossom, giving us refreshing nourishment, brightening our days & coolingnour nights. On other days we have rain, storms, clouds, & cold,forcing us indoors, seeking wamrth & comfort until we can get back out to thrive again in the warmth. Now, take a moment to let that sink in. Think about what you do when you are inside. You prepare. You stock up. You get yourself ready for whaen it’s time to come out again. As Summer is poking her head out (finally), the time is here to take what you have prepared on the inside & give it light! The seasons give us those clues, that there will be a time of quiet hibernation, &then, the time to shine! This is the balance of Life, where sometimes we are up & out & other times we are down & in. We need both to help us learn &see what we need to see, to grow how we need to grow. I am definitely going to take advantage of this signal to make even more moves towards the goals I have been preparing for (stay tuned!). What have you been working on that is almost ready to make it’s debut? Even if it still needs work, whether it’s your body, a project, something at work or in your family life, the time will come when the season will come to bring it forth. Believe it! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


Feel Free Friday!

Good morning ♡

The Full Moon is out this beautiful long weekend, & it’s interesting to observe how certain energies come together & express themselves around this time.

Lately, I’ve been seeing more & more people, Black women in particular, speaking out about their experiences with Anxiety & Depression. I actually wrote today’s daily yesterday to post yesterday, but time & a crazy schedule got the better of me so I decided to make this a Feel Free Friday moment. That being said, in light of May being Mental Health month, I thought I’d share some experiences of my own that may inspire you as others have inpired me to speak my truth: I battled with Depression. I just didnt know it at the time. And as a Black woman, there is so much stigma in our community towards Depression as we are expceted to just be strong take all the “licks” that life brings you without being knocked down. We are expected to always be strong for everyone in our lives, all while holding our heads up high with smiles on our faces. We are expected to be the Glue that holds it all together. This is enough pressure in itself &when Depression hits, you begin to feel inadequate, as thiugh you have let everyone down. Hencewhy we hide it. After the birth of my beautiful daughter & returning to work, that’s what had begun to happen to me.


Over time, I began to lose myself in this new role of being a other while working full time as an RN & buidling a family. Being a parent teaches you so much about yourself that you never knew, & no matter what books you read, how much money you make, what kind of house you live in, nothing prepares you for it. You begin to learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before, about how fearless you can be, how vulnerable, how much you can actually Love, & so much more. I didn’t recognize it though. I barely recongnized myself. As much as I enjoyed being a mother, spending time with my little one, taking her places, showing her new things, even just the day to day, things inevitably become task oriented. The things I enjoyed doing in my Me time (i.e. writing) started to feel more like a chore because I was so tired. Burnout is absolutely real, & after my 1st year of Motherhood, I had become just that. I did my best to find the joy in all areas of my life, but the feelings were shortlived. Of course, my mini-me gave me the most motivation to keep going & I had a partner that was encoraging, but let’s face it, there are those days where no matter what anyone else tells you, you don’t want to get out of bed, you don’t want to go to work, you just don’t want to do anything. The optimistic person I once was had become more pessimistic as two steps forward became five steps back. Life stressors were knocking on my door & I was being pulled in every direction with very little time for myself to regroup and reconnect. But her little hands tugging at me, peeling my eyelids open on some days, helped get me through.

When I finally realized that I had an internal issue with my emotions, that the woman I envisioned myself to be was not quite the woman I was becoming, I decided to return to my old love: writing. I began writing again on a more regular basis, writing to myself daily messages of positivity & hope that I would go back & read when I felt myself slipping back into pessimistic thought (this is in part how The Peace(ful) Project was born; more on that another day) . The writing helped & it still does. A lot. I developed a stronger prayer, meditation, & yoga practice, daily, & started to speak more positively rather than talking about what was bothering me. As much as venting is helpful, when it becomes too regular & takes place of more positive conversation more often than not, it can drag you down, putting your focus too much on the things in life that may not be ideal to you at the moment. Gratitude is truly the best attitude & I began to see more of what I had than not as I applied more gratitude to all areas of my life. I began to feel more & more optimistic. I started to recongize myself again & was able to see the vision that I had of myself when I was younger: a writing, yoga-practicing, meditation & prayer-loving, patient, & optimistic woman that seeks ways to always enjoy life. My daughter & I even have daily positive practices that we do to keep is both in high Spirits, & if either of us feel down, we help each other through with reminders of what to do to get back to that place of Peace.

Sure, I still have stress, we all do. The difference now is that I do my best to express my emotions in healthy ways & outlets instead of bottling them up until they seep into other areas of my life. With that comes the understanding that there will be days when you want to crawl into the bedsheets & sleep until it all passes. Be patient with yourself & always remember to love yourself through it all. Whether it’s you or someone you know, I encourage you to find healthy ways to express yourself (see below for a list of some suggestions). As so many of us go through things on a daily that can make us feel downtrodden & low, the important thing to remember is that you need not feel shame or feel alone. That is what the outlets are for. Utilize the healthy ways to beat those blues & remember to keep positive. See below for a list of suggestions that can help you find ways Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Some healthy ways to express yourself:-) :

1. Keep a journal. Write it out. Putting your thoughts out onto paper is helpful to relieve yourself of the weighted burden of sadness, anxiety, & whatever other emotions you are feeling at the time. It also makes for easier reflection as you can always go back to read what you wrote & see where changes have been made since. This is probably my favorite way to “vent,” as I wtite to myself, & I really do like to go back & see where my mind was at. It helps to give a clearer perspective of where I was & where I want to be.

2. Exercise. Get those happy hormones up! A great way to release endorphins is to exercise. It doesn’t mean you have to go all out & gey a trainer or buy an expensive gym membership. Whether you already exercise & need a change to your routine, or you’re fresh on the scene, do something you enjoy & just have fun with it. You will be amazed at how good you feel after. It definitely adds to feelings of positivity 🙂

3. Talk to a trusted friend. Vent it out to someone you trust. Talking things out also gives you clearer perspective on what you’re feeling. Sometimes what seems like the heaviest burden you are carrying really isn’t. You may also find out that you aren’t rowing the boat by yourself & have more support than you think.

4. Seek out a therapist. Despite the history of stigma with this, more & more people are seeing therapists for help. An unbiased person can really help you sort out what you’re feeling while providing you with tools that you can use on a daily basis when you feel those unwanted feelings creeping up on you.

5. Pray/Meditate. Whether you are religious or not,a solid Spiritual practice can give you Divine suppoet at the times wehn you most feel alone. Reminding yourself thay Almighty lives within & is always with you no matter what, will give you that boost in those down times to keep pressing on. The days when the tears can’t stop falling are the days when this reminder helped pick me back up off my feet and keep going.


Wellness Wednesday Mantra


Good morning ♡

Healing begins within. Remind yourself that you are Peace at your core, & such will emanate from the inside out. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


Taking care of You!

Good morning ♡

Presently, I’m battling an icky Spring-time cold. A stuffy nose, sore throat, feverish chills, blocked sinuses, & congested cough are not the way I wanted to greet this warmer weather. But as I took a few days to nurse myself back to health, my girl gave me some inspiration: funny how when we get sick is when we pay more attention to what we need to do to stay healthy; you should write about it! (Thanks Gail 🙂 ♡). How true is that? And it got me thinking some more, about what we do for ourselves, to ourselves, shows up in the results of our lives. Sickness will knock you down, have you in bed for days or more, feeling like you could die. Then, it’s when you finally muster up the energy to get up, head to the kitchen, make some homeade meals, soups, drinks (I know my West Indian peeps know about that Rum,ginger, honey, & lime mix,tried & true aint?), and teas, steam yourself with some Vicks or eucalyptus, all that nasty stuff starts to run for the hills: through your nose, mouth, and eyes. Now, you can breathe (the breath of life enters you more deeply replenishing your insides even further), you can speak and swallow better (you can communicate with more clarity and take in more nutrition to sustain your body the way it needs to be), & now you can see more clearly (things that were blurred by congestion & obstruction become more visble & your choices become more evident). Sometimes just the common Cold can make you really reevaluate your life, hopefully srtting you onto a path to taking better care of yourself. We get out what we put in, & that includes Spritually & emotionally. Remember that when you are feelong stressed &overwhelemed, forgetting to pray or meditate, as this also causes breaks in the chain of good health. With that said, I’m headed to work, but not before I give thanks for this new day & create positive vibes. Tonight will be for my meditation ♡

Tips on how to fight the Springtime sniffles:

1. Drink lots of fluids!

I know, your doctor says it all the time when you visit with a Cold or Flu & it’s true. To flush your system of the bacteria & germs that have attacked your immune system, it’s important to drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices (i.e. orange juice is great for it’s high content of Vitamin C that is needed to re-strengthen your immune system).

2. Trusted home remedies

My girl reminded me of the Vicks/Eucalyptus steam, a tried &true remedy to clear the sinuses & chest of the mucus build up that comes with getting the Cold or Flu. As I mentioned in the Morning Daily, once you’re cleared up, you can breathe better, see, speak better , & eat better, inviting healthy nutrients into your body to nuture your revived cells.

Boiling raw ginger & garlic & drink it like tea. This is very soothing dor the sore throat.

Another good remedy is Rum, honey, & lime mixture is a great way to kick start your system into clearing out that mucus that is lingering, as the alcohol gives a calming effect (sleep my darling, sleepl lol), the honey & lime soothe and loosen up the mucus on your chest, helping you to “cough it up & spit it out” (as my father would always say when I had a bad cough; it was like a mantra at my house growing up if I got sick). Below is the recipe:

-white rum (DO NOT USE BROWN/DARK RUM!!! YOU WILL GET SICKER! Trust me, I learned that the hard way)
-one green lime
-boiled water

Mix one to two capfuls of Rum with a teaspoon of honey and a teasppon of lime in a shot glass (or a small teacup if you don’t have a shot glass). Add 1-2 tablespoons of boiled water (still warm). Stir & drink. It will burn. It will taste sour. But give it a few seconds & feel how you begin to feel clearer. You can do this before bed or twice a day until you feel your symptoms passing

Feel free to share any other remedies you know of in the comments section!I would love to hear what you do to help beat the Cold! Sharing is caring! 🙂

3. Eat warm & hot foods.

There’s something about hot soup & homemade oatmeal or porridge that is so soothing to the body & soul. Heat does wonders to soothe you & help to fight off those pesky germs that make us sick. That is the purpose of the fever. It’s your body’s way of getting rid of the germs & bacteria making you sick (but of course too high of a fever is not good, so keeping track of your temperature is important; anything that os higher than 40° c for more than 3 days, see your doctor or visit the ER). So drink up! Enjoy Mommma’s homemade soup recipes, chock full fresh veggies & protein to help build you up when you’re body is feeling down. Have some oatmeal or porridge for breakfast to warm you up & soothe you. It’s filling & healthy! And do this even when you aren’t sick. It’s a great & tasty way to maintain a healthy immune system.

4. Get some sleep!

Our bodies recharge while we sleep, so getting lots of rest when we aren’t feeling well is crucial. All the remedies & medicines are helpful but if you don’t allow your body to let them work, then they will only go so far. So rub down with some Vicks, drink that Rum mixture, curl up im your flannels under the blankets (woth your tissues close by because you will need them), & get some rest.

5. Last but not least, feed your Spirit.

Remember to give your Spirit some healthy food too. It may be a bit difficult to do as you would normally do, but even if your curled up in bed, saying a short prayer, stilling your mind in a simple & short meditation, can help put you at ease as well. Remember, we remain most healthy when we are balanced on all levels ♡

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


The Pursuit of Happiness ♡♡♡

Good morning ♡

The Pursuit of Happiness

Date night. For those of us in long term relationships, especially with kids, date night is like gold. We get to dress up a little (or a lot depending on the type of date it is), & we go out with our loves, having fun and forgetting about the day to day routines of life. We enjoy spending time catching up on things that we don’t always get to, all while remembering why we love the person we are with. But what about those of us who are single? We go out with our friends, meet other single folks who may not nessecarily be looking for love but just want to meet new people and spread some joy. Enter Thomas C. Knox. At subway station platforms in New York, he sets up a table with a board game, a flower in soda bottle, & waits. On the table, a sign reads, “Date while you wait.” Not looking for love but rather provide a friendly outlet for people to connect with others, closing the gap withing humanity. How inspiring is this?! No strings attached; just come & sit & have some friendly conversation while waiting for your train. How often do we hear that a simple smile to a stranger can make a drastic change in the life of another? We never know what another person is going through, but random acts of kindness can make a world of difference where we live in world where we walk with our heads down in our phones, straight faced, & feel more comfortable to communicate more through text than voice or face to face. Show some kindness today & spread some peace wherever you can. Make a date with the one you love & recomnect in ways that may have slipped by the wayside. Or, take a courageous step & ask out the person you’ve been crushing on for the longest while but haven’t had the courage to do. They may say yes ♡☆♡☆♡ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

“Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud. ” – Maya Angelou


Visit the the link below to read more about Thimas C. Knox and his project!


Water your soul!


Water your Soul!

We are growing & learning all the time. These lessons water our souls to help us continue to grow & reach our highest potentials. Alot of times it’s the same lesson in which we missed what we needed to learn before, & other times, it’s a new lesson to build us up stronger & teach us things about ourselves, about others, & about Life that we didn’t know before. All in all, it’s about growth, painful at times but necessary to propel you to your highest & truest Self. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

April showers bring May flowers ♡ ☆ ♡

Good afternoon ♡

We all have experiences in life where things are going great for us, & then, in the blink of an eye, things are turned upside down. What is important to remember is that it is during these dark & rainy times, there is nuturing is taking place under the surface, ensuring that the roots take hold & nourish our growth. We grow in times when we are tested, in times when we feel our limits have been reached. Think of how the roots of a flower, tree, or any other plant, push through all the dirt and messiness below the green grass to allow the beautiful masterpiece of mother nature to push through & blossom. We too are much like that flower or plant. We start from a tiny seed, nutured in the darkness & watery surroundings of our developmental process. Then, when the time comes for us to be born, we spring forth into life, ready to begin & continue with a newness, a renewed ambition to succeed. Sometimes we hit roadblocks, get distracted, & make mistakes. This is the way things go in life, the natural order of life’s flow, a time of light & a time of darkness, a season for everything. Seasons of rain make for great growth and beautiful gardens,  even when it’s gloomy &seems as though thw Sun may never shine again. Remember that today if you or someone you know is going through a dark, rough time in their lives & needs a reminder that rainbows come after the storms 🙂 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Activity : As Spring has finally arrived, take a moment to plant something. Start from scratch with a seed & soil, indoors or outdoors, & nuture it. Watch as it begins to grow, giving gratitude for each time you see it transforming into what is was created to be. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, get something that is already growing in its early stages. Watch as it begins to bloom & think of how this beautiful creation started from a tiny seed, just like you ♡


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