Welcome to the Peace(ful) Project. Here, you can find daily inspirationals , quotations, poems, & activities that can assist you on your journey to achieving inner Peace.

There are times in life where one becomes tired of living in constant chaos and inner turmoil. We are faced with past mistakes and  current troubles that cause us to doubt ourselves, relive past hurts and disappointments, even beat up on ourselves. This takes away from our Peaceful mind states and therefore we live in consistent states of anxiety. Couple that with the daily pressures of living life (working, paying bills, tackling debt, parenting, etc.),  it is easy to be in a busy state of go go go. And some where in there one has to remember to actually live! It can definitely be overwhelming at times. I am all too familiar with that state of being. I have lived with anxiety, fears, and inner turmoil, beating up on myself every chance I got. I still struggle with this from time to time. We are human, after all. But with continued prayer, meditation, and study, I realize that what is happening around me is truly a reflection of what’s going on inside of me. It is time for a change. It is time for Peace. I hope to share with you some helpful thoughts and ways to achieve your Peace as I also continue to achieve mine. Here, you will find daily encouragement to help you stay the course as well as a space to share your own stories and ask questions on how to achieve and maintain your Peace during the rough patches.

My hope is that you find solace in the Peace(ful) Dailies, that they help you along your journey to becoming the Peace(ful) human being that you’re meant to be.

Love yourself and be yourself.

Peace and Love.

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