Welcome to my blog, The Peace(ful) Project! Truly a project of my own creation, to inspire myself & others along our journeys inward to Peace.

Known to many in my circle as the Peace(ful) one, I am always the optimistic friend that encourages you to look on the bright side. Armm is broken? That’s tough, but hey, maybe the healed bones will grow back together even stronger! Yep, that’s me, Optimistic Dee! That is, until the chapters in my life changed & I became a single mother, starting from scratch to rebuild my life again as I wanted it to be while raising my child in the process. Was it a Peace(ful) process? Heck no! However, it was definitely a push in the direction of regaining & maintaining that Inner Peace I’m so well known for.

So how did I do it? I gave my old love of writing some new attention. Writing has always been my solace, my place of Peace where I can freely express myself without the interruptions of outside forces, especially when I could write inspiring messages to my friends & loved ones when they were feeling down in the dumps.

I started with inspirational text messages to friends & family, encouraging them to stay grateful, be optimistic, have faith. Then I began posting to social media when the text message groups grew. Now, I humbly present my blog, The Peace(ful) Project!

In need of a Peace(ful) pick-me up? Stuck in a rutt? Here, you can find a one-stop shop of my inspirational messages on Motivational Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, & Feel Free Fridays, as well as Peace(ful) activity tips, & more that will inspire you along your journey to Inner Peace, one Peace(ful) step at a time.

So take a peek inside my journey into my Peace(ful)ness & find inspirations for your personal Peace(ful) journeys.

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love!

Peace and Love.


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