Wellness Wednesday: Letting go & embracing the Journey & its lessons🙏🏾❤

Happy Wellness Wednesday my loves😍

Getting right to it today, last night’s grey clouds & rain felt so symbolic under the Full Moon, I had to come out from my hiatus to write about it. With the clouds symbolizing the “grey-skies” we experience in life, and like our Spirits, the moon in her brilliance keeps beaming brightly, pressing onward, never giving up, & even if we couldn’t see it, we feel it. Then with the rain, symbolizing the cleansing & preparing the earth to make it fertile for planting, like planting our positive intentions & actions. It allows our good to take root & grow into what they are meant to be. Our goals, our visions, the positive that we strive for, can blossom.

A tradition for the Full Moon that some participate in, me included, is to write a list of what we need to release & burn that list, signifying the letting go of what no longer serves us. Then, we spread the ashes into the air under the light of the Full Moon, letting the wind carry them away from us & creating more space for what we need. Doing this last night, under the rainy & cloudy skies of the Full Moon, I felt that release & embraced the next steps along my Life’s path, in Faith. Also, I acknowledged the steps taken towards my goals during this cycle & giving thanks for lessons being learned. One of my favorite Bob Marley sayings is that “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” This moon cycle definitely gave me a lesson in that, where I had to make some decisions with a more humble spirit, & put my task-oreinted ways aside so I could go more with the flow of life in Faith & positive action. Letting go of what no longer is needed in myself, I embraced those lessons in resilience & strength even more, & I am so grateful to be here to write about it, to live in it, to love in it.

Life gets testy sometimes, where we feel like all is lost & we can’t see our way out of a tough situation. Yet deep down inside, faith still lives. Love still reigns. Hope is still possible. We eventually learn that we have to be planted in the proper conditions in order to get what we need so we can flourish. The rain, the seemingly dirtiness of the soil we enter into, it’s all set up to show us & give us what we need if we allow it, if we release the pride so we can learn the lessons. Easy? Heck no! It’s definitely a process, the letting go of what we are used but no longer serves us & embracing new & healthier habits. When we face tough times, we are being groomed so we can have the strength & resilience to carry forward in our next level the way we need to.

With the cycles of the New Moon, ushering in a time for us to reflect & put forth our positive goals & intentions, & the Full Moon bringing light to them, we are reminded always that our lives have seasons. These seasons are meant to put action in to what we want to achieve while moving in faith that what is for us will always be for us, & what misses us was only for a time to teach us what we need for the next part of our journey. Sending you much Peace & Love along your journeys my loves😘🤗

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤🌟

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