Terrific Tuesday: What’s your vision?

Greetings everyone!

I hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂 I missed you for the Motivation Monday, but I am here with some inspiration for this Terrific Tuesday 🙂 After hosting a vision board party this weekend, I was inspired to write today’s blog on the subject of Visions. Where do you see yourself in 1year, a week, even tomorrow? What visions do you have of yourself & the life ahed of you? There is so much power in our internal sayings & thoughts of ourselves, & sometimes we miss the mark, with negative energies playing a huge role in knocking us down. But what positive goals do you see for yourself?

When we give ourselves the things we need, meaning the Love, the Peace, the Joy, when we allow ourselves to feel that, it opens up so many doors for us. Before I started working at my present job, I worked 12hr rotating shifts.  I didn’t mind it much until I had my daughter & it became harder & harder to manage. I had no time for myself & it was making me miserable on all fronts. My morale began to wane, especially when finacially it was becoming more & more difficult. Somehow I couldn’t stop feeling sad for myself. But then I watched a documentary about the laws of attraction, & slowly, I began putting things in place in myself that helped me see things differently. I didn’t like the shifts at my job but it got us by. I didn’t like only seeing my baby girl 2-3 days out if the week but I tried to make the most of those days as possible, spending time with her & giving her memories.  I started on a path of Gratitude, making a more concscious effort to find the positive  in everything. I started to feel less stressed about things & gvae evrything a higher thought & focus. I still looked for new work during this time, & eventually found my present job that not only is still in my career, has hours to accomodate my new life, is less stresful, & promotes essential work life balance. This definitley took some time to accomplish, to change old thinking & return to what I already knew was best for me & those around me. I have always been an optimistic person, but when you start Adulting & life situations test you & get the better of you, you lose sight of some important things, including yourself. I am grateful for watching the documentary that fateful day becuase it started the ball rolling for me, giving me the push to remember myself & eventually get back into writing more whole-heartedly, & now we are here with Peaceful Project. My Vision Board below represents most of what I see for myself in the year 2017.  With so much more  to come, I am grateful & excited for what is in store.  

What are your visions for your life? Take some time to explore & maybe make your own Vision Board! Add some creative visual to give your goals more life! Have a great day 🙂 Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

-my Vision Board Feb. 2017 

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”- Rosabeth Moss Kanter 

Feel Free Friday: Early Spring Clean!

Greetings! Happy Feel Free Friday!

So on the theme of Wellness Wednesday & detoxing your life, I’ve been inspired to write about decluttuering your space. It is said that your surroundings are a reflection of what’s going on on the inside. If your surroundings are cluttered & you can’t seem to get a grip on what is needed, some early Spring cleaning & organizing your space just may be the catalyst for you to feel more settled  Take a look around you. What do you see that is out of place, out of wack, & needs some touching up?

I’ve touched on this before ina long ago post, but I think we all need that reminder that just because we’ve done something once doesn’t mean it’s all said & done, never to be done again (of course there are exceptions to that). Do we eat healthy ine day & say, “Yep, never again; I’m good.” Lol. No! We may takr breaks, fall into old habits of junk food cravings & so on, but eventually our bodies will tell us enough is enough & we look for new healthier ways to nourish ourselves. The same goes for nuturing our Peace. Do we light candles, meditate, pray, do one kind deed, & say that’s it? Nope! Consistency is key with all positive doings. Recongnizing when we fall off is important, but no need to beat yourself. Examine what needs change, what needs to stay & what needs to go. 

That being said, these last few days I’ve noticed that my bedroom, my place of escape after a long day, has books piling up in a corner, insiprational momentos tucked neatly in another, hair pins stacked on the dresser that find their way from my hair to the table while I prepare to sleep, & I  even have a craft rock sitting & waiting to be painted by my daughter.  Sigh, lol. It’s not messy, I dust and sweep regulalry, but it’s organized chaos. This triggered my thinking: Dee, what’s going on? You see, I have so much I want to do on my to do list, but I have lost track on getting some things started. In that meantime, other things have also taken priotity  as well (car trouble, parent-teacher conferences, etc). So my task this weekend is to make an overhaul of my bedroom again (last done a few months ago), & put out some things that need not be there. I have so many books to read but I get tired just looking at the many of them in my book corner asking to be chosen. My insiprational corner with my meditation table & vision boards needs some shaping up.Stay tuned as next week I’ll be sharing this journey with you visusally 😉

I am excited to actually do this because I know the outcome will be blissful. What’s in your space that needs shaping up or shipping out? Take a gander & examine your life. Feel what you feel & let it guide you to do what is required to elevateyour Peace of mind, body, & soul. Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.”-Eleanor Brown

Wellness Wednesday: Detox your life!


Detox your life!

Welcome back after this long weekend:-) I’m sure many of us indulged a bit more than normally & are feeling the need to shed some of the extra calories (I know I am)! What about in life? What have you been holding onto that you need to shed because it’s weighing you down? We all need some detoxing on all levels of life so that we can move forward clearly. Not an easy or fun process by any means. It takes effort & dedication, but the benefits are truly rewarding.

For me, I work daily on letting go of past hurts & frustrations. I have the tendency to rewind & think of alternative ways in which I could’ve said or done something or not. It drives me nuts! I know this is also common for many of us. What I find most helpful is to redirect my thoughts onto the present & how to do what is required for my own peace of mind. I first start off with a mental “sssshhhhh!” switch to turn off the thoughts. It works! Lol! I literally tell my mind to “Ssssssh please! I need to really focus!” Then through prayer & meditation or listening to good music, or simply focusing on the present task at hand I make an effort to put myself in a more positive mental space. By living in the present & a more positive attitude, I can feel the anxieties & frustrations melt away. They become less & less, & eventually easier to avoid. 

The Life Detox can also include letting go of people in your life that tend to bring along negative vibes. You know the ones that always have something negative to say about your ambitions, or are quick to tell you that you won’t reach your goals. Whatever the case, folks like these tend to have their own insecurities & shortcomings that they can’t see yet. Give them space & build with thise that are on the same page as you, that will support you & encourage you to better yourself. You’re worth it! 

Just like a diet plan, the more effort we make to let go of the poor nutrients in our systems, the easier it is to retain the healthier foods & the benefits of them. The more we entertain Peace & Positivity, the more reap the benefits of a more Peaceful state of mind. What do you do to mentally cleanse?  Try that “Ssssshhhh!” switch today & detox your life. Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“We need deep cleansing of our thoughts on and often so that we can recharge our energy for our own health, happiness and purpose.”-Kishore Bansal

Monday Motivation: You have the right to choose☆

​Greetings & Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a good, cozy, & warm weekend. If you didn’t, I hope that this week is a good one for you. Today’s Monday Motivation is a simple reminder to make your choice. We choose how we feel, whether that means we choosento stay angry or anxious, or if we choose to breathe, let it go & move forward into the positive, exploring different ways to give yourself what you need to press on.. You can choose. How are you choosing to feel today? 

I woke up this morning thinking about choosing my emotions & regardless of the stress of the times. Waking extra early to catch a bus with my child at 6am at below zero weather, or shoveling 4ft of snow while watching my neighbors share their snowblowers, all while awaiting to get the call that my car has been repaired….that among other things, it’s needless to say that there are things are tough to swallow some days. But when I sense a mental temper tantrum trying to come on, I ask myself, “How do you want to feel today, Dee?” “What is the lesson in all of this? What are you here to learn?” “What do you need from this right now?” These questions bring me back to the reality that it’s not the cards that you’re dealt, but how you play the game. We decide how we play with every choice we make. Are we perfect & make the right choices about everything on a daily basis? Nope. I’m no stranger to the mental self-beat down about things I could’ve done differently. What’s important to consider is how those choices makes us feel & what it does to our environment & those in it. Make a positive choice today to choose Peace & Joy over anxiety & fear. Choose optimism over pessimism. It may not be easy as we love to stick with what we know, but there is always growth when we make the changes necessary to live in a more positive light. What’s your choice for today? Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“Every day brings new choices.”- Martha Beck

Wellness Wednesday: Braving the storms

​Greetings & welcome to Wellness Wednesday 🙂

Outside is a skating rink! Please proceed woth caution folks while makong your way to your destinations today. As much as it was slippery, the ice looked so looked pretty, didn’t it? The glassy look of the grass blades & tree branches were truly a sight. I always like ice storms for that reason: they cover the Earth with sheets of ice & rain, but leave a crystal imprint of what lies beneath. Much like Life, isn’t it? We may go through many an ice storm, but it doesn’t have to cover up our beauty.  We can still shine through 🙂 

On our way home yesterday, we took our time walking along the ice, making little jokes to ease the tension of having to walk along the skating rinks also known as sidewalks. Thoughtfully, my daughter says to me that it looks so cool & pretty how the grass is under the ice. Right mama?” “Yes it does!”I replied with enthusiasm. Then she said something that madr me say hmmmm: “But mom, why is Mother Nature freezing everything? She’s killing the grass!” I told her that the grass is not dying because of the ice but that it’s sleeping as Winter is the hibernation season & the ice is simply covering it until Spring comes to wake it up again. I also reminded her that it looked pretty too. Thankfully she knows about hibernation & is well versed about the seasons so my explanation made sense to her & she understood. 

This made me think a bit deeper too. When life freezes, causing you to slow down (else you’ll slip), it can definitley feel like a setback (I know that’s probably how many of us felt yesterday trekking through the City). But under the ice still lies beauty. There is still much to behold, & when we slow down we can see it better, taking time to appreciate the details & beauty that lies beneath, the positive that is in every situatiom we encounter. Also, we learn new strategies to safely navigate through it. Once we reach the other side, once the ice melts & that treacherous walk becomes steady pavement again, we look back & see that we made it across. We can build our confidence & life strength knowing that we did it, whether on our own with only Spirit as our guide or also with others right next to us, helping us make it through. 

Whatever ice storm.it is that you’re facing, embrace a slower pace & work your way through. The results will be well worth the efforts. 

Stay safe out there today ♡☆ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”-Willa Cather

Motivational Monday: Live in your light!


I hope everyone had a good weekend (whether you were o  the winning or losing side of the Super Bowl, I hope you enjoyed  time spent with friends & family nonetheless). 

We each have our own unique light within that is meant to shine. Yet, the fear of rejection is so real. Most of us loathe hearing, “No,” or being criticised, that we sometimes stay away from following our dreams. We go with the “norms” of society in hopes that we can fit into an ideal of what life is supposed to look like. But what about what you want? What is your norm? Your uniquness is what makes you most special so why deny that? 

While mulling it over & researching the best ways to proceed, discouragement had a passenger seat along the way while I put my plans together for what’s next. In my mind, I heard,  “How will you do it?” “You won’t do it well.” “People will say blah blah blah…” & the list goes on. But you know what? So what! The only person standing in my way of achieving my goal is me & I will not stand in my own way! I will not let doubt, emotional fears, or setbacks cloud my reality of the light that shines within me. And neither should you!

It may be a slow start (I know mine is), but whatever it is you have cooking up in your mental kitchen, go with it 🙂 Your recipe, along with some additions from those lessons learned along the way (& more to come), may be the next best thing for you. If it doesn’t work out the way you planned, there is always another way. Just keep at it 🙂 

Soon to come, new things will be happening with Peaceful Project! 😉

Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“You never know, until you try”

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