Monthly Archives: February 2018

Wellness Wednesday: Love is the Cure!


Blessed day my loves & Happy Valentine’s Day 😍

On a day like today, there are more visible reminders all around that all we need is Love! Whether you’re single or have a special someone in your life, make today & everyday special with words & acts of Love. We deserve it!

This photo is a snapshot of what greeted me one morning when I feeling my feelings, the good ones & not so good ones. While standing in line for my morning cup of java, I reminded myself that I need to always Love myself through everything. We get so hard on ourselves & forget that the attention we pay to others on how we speak to & treat them, we need to do the same for us. Then it was my turn & I saw the Starbucks gift card line up: “I choose you; With Love; You’re the best; You are Loved,” & I smiled 😊 I took that as my sign that the Universe was putting me in alignment with what I need to do, always, all ways: to Love. It was so beautiful that I had to take a picture as a reminder that, “Love follows me wherever I go.”

Love follows you too. Give yourself that self-love talk daily & watch it manifest in your life. I hope this serves as your reminder today. 😘 Happy Valentine’s Day! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆


Wellness Wednesday: Forgive yourself!


Good morning loves, it sure is a crisp cold & snowy Wellness Wednesday! Hope everyone is keeping warm😊

Each day we arise from slumber it’s our chance to start again & do better than the day before. Just a simple reminder for today:

Peace & Love ♡☆