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August 31st, 2020

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday my loves🥰 If there’s anything I took with me as inspiration for life after hiking through the Scenic Caves & trails in Blue Mountain, is that while our dreams & goals may seem fleeting, afar off, or even unreachable, they are actually much closer than we think. In fact, they are right at our fingertips. We just have to do the work.

During this pandemic & stay-home initiatives, it feels as though the importance of getting out & enjoying Mother Nature is heightened. Grounding ourselves & being in the present moment seems to have been gobbled up in the GO-GO-GO lifestyle we live in now. Yet, there is so much Peace in just being out on the fresh air, taking in the sights & majestic views of the world around us. Whether it be in your backyard, a local park, or if you can to travel a bit to get to it, take a moment to embrace & enjoy the Peace(ful)ness that Mother Nature had to offer. It can be just what you need to stay motivated as you stay the course of achieving your goals, one step at a time. It definitely inspired me🥰😌

Love yourself. Be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫


July 6th, 2020

Motivation Monday: The Roots Run Deep

Happy Monday my loves🥰

Spending time in my garden this weekend reminded me that what’s on top, on the outside, is only the tip of the iceberg. The roots go deeper beneath the surface, an intricate tapestry of different sizes running through the soil, gathering the nutrients from its surroundings, & feeding the beautiful plant we see that has eventually sprouted. Much like us, we’re planted & have roots that go deep, different parts of ourselves that create the fullness of who we are. We’re not perfect, don’t always look ‘pretty,’ & sometimes we wither (tired, overworked, anxious, depressed, etc), but when we take a closer look, there is more than meets the eye. There is more to cultivate, to nuture, to explore, & to give Love to. When we take in what we’re need from our surroundings, when we’re pay attention to what we put into our internal gardens, making healthier choices for our Mind-Body-Spirit, we can harvest amazing results im the flow of life, even if it means staying covered up & rested for a while. No matter the circumstances, we must remember to always continue to grow. Don’t give up! The Roots Run Deep 🌱Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫


June 1st, 2020

Motivation Monday:

#blacklivesmatter #standtogether #timeforchange

How do we stay motivated in these time when violence is on the rise? We stand together, whether it be here online or in-person, written or spoken, in public or privately, we provide support, love, & show unity in any way we can.

This weekend, in solidarity, many marched the streets in Toronto in protest to the police violence againts those in our community, wanting answers about the deaths of those who lost their lives. This show of unity, even in the midst of anger & tensions flying, is an inspiration for us to know that we can come together, safely, to raise our voices in protest, & work together for the greater good of our community.

My hope is that this can will be a bigger step towards us becoming more unified as a people, despite our differences, & do what we must to build & unify. Peace & power to people👊🏾🖤💚❤💫


May 25th, 2020

Motivation Monday – Every little bit goes a long way

In this beautiful weather, the excitement to get outside is real-real. It went from Winter to Summer in a blink of an eye. We barely had Spring🌷 While the weather is encouraging for us to get out there & catch some long coveted votamin D rays, & stores & businesses are slowly re-opening, the #stayhome precautions are still in effect & we need to stay diligient in social distancing so we can have a safe & healthy Fall & Winter. That being said, Nature Walks are a great way to get outside in your local areas while practicing social distancing. Check out these views from my neighborhood below! I love seeing my neighbors’ beautiful gardens, with blooming tulips & vibrant violets, cherry blossoms & cedar trees.

If you can’t get outside, draw or paint it! You don’t have to be an artist to let your creative juices flow. There a plenty of great step-by-step tutorials online that can guide you in creating your next masterpiece 🎨🖼

The motivating message I took from these inspiring sights in Mother Nature is that sometimes life has to slow down so you can appreciate what it has to offer. On the simplest yet complex levels, like in Nature, we can stop & smell the roses, & find some motivation to keep pressing on, even in the toughest & darkest of times, like the flowers that bloom up year after year after all the storms & frost & darkness of the colder months. We too, can persevere in tumultuous times. The sunshine after the rainy days is a great indication that we can😎😊☀️ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

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