Terrific Tuesday: All Fear does is keep us living our truth


When we seek out the truth, when we tell the truth (to ourselves & others), we begin to live in it. In that, the strong holds of fear & doubt, the pains of the past & uncertainty of the future become less of a burden on our present. In that, we begin to embrace the moment, appreciating what we have without longing for the mysterious future.

One of the best ways to calm an anxiety & quiet the mind is to take a deep breath, & embrace the here & now, being grateful for what it is & what it holds. We can take the time to see & learn the lesson in each experience we have. All fear does is keep us from living our truth & experiencing what it. So be free & feel the Peace that living in your turth fully brings to your life. Peace & Love ♡☆ 

“Fear is always dispelled by truth”-Deepak Chopra


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