Wellness Wednesday: Have the courage to live!

Greeting my loves!

Today marks the end of May, & June is right around the corner! We will officially be halfway through the year as of tomorrow. Whoa! That being said, time waits for no one & life is for living. Have the courage to live it! 

As human beings, we have the tendency to overthink things, looking for the reasons why we shouldn’t do something & not giving enough attnetion to why we should do something that is positive for us. The focus on the negative is what keeps in the negative. The Universe will only repsond to what we give it, so give it courage! Moving forward with compassion for yourself & others, do the work necessary to prepare yourself for what you want, letting go of fears & facing your present & future with the courage to live in the now!

I struggle with it too, & the daily routine of life sometimes gets regular & you get used to it. By the end of each day sometimes I can barely focus on nothing more than curling up with a good book or bowl of popcorn & my favorite show after my little one is down for the night. But writing is my passion. I love it! As tired as I am, even a few lines in my journal helps keep me in check on my journey to write upcoming works. As much as we need sleep,  I will not let sleepy eyes stop me (for too long lol). 

Let nothing or no one (including you) hold you back from doing what you love. What do you love to do? What is your passion? What’s on your bucket list? Where do you want to be in 5years & what is it now that will help you get there? Go out & do it! No excuses! Live life with the courage to live life!

“Being alive is the greatest phenomenon, not just on this planet, but in the whole cosmos.”-Sadhguru

Wellness Wednesday: Give yourself credit!

Greetings beloveds! Happy Wellness Wednesday!

“Give yourself credit where credit is due; focus on what you have been able to do & not what you weren’t able to do.”

In my meditation this past weekend, the title for today’s post is what I heard through Spirit. Working on my personal goals, some things haven’t been met as yet. Feeling melancholic & unaccomplished, I was in a state of constant inner reflection, over-analyzing every detail, what I could’ve done more of or better with, what I may have missed or what I gave too much attention to that maybe I  shouldn’t have.  Being so busy, I hardly had time to really sit with what I was feeling, but rather just feel overwhelmed but in mommy mode so no time for that! Yet, thankfully, that still quiet voice nidged me in a direction to take a moment when the day was done & meditate. “Still your mind; give yourself credit where credit due….it’s okay.” Teary-eyed because I knew this to be true, later on I began to think about how true this is for many of us, of how we focus on what we haven’t done or didn’t quite do, forgetting about what we have done, & in essence robbing ourselves of our Peace of mind.

The theme for Wellness Wednesday today is: Don’t be so hard on yourself! You made it through yesterday & are here for another day. Even if it was by the skin of your teeth & you weren’t sure how you would pull through, you did! Give thanks for the small accomplishments, for those infamous baby steps. Held that yoga pose 2secs longer than the day before? Replaced some cuss words with deep breaths? Ate a salad? Cried one less moment than the day before? Whatever it is that means progress for you, pat yourself on the back for making steps towards a more Peaceful you. The more you focus on the areas of improvement, the more they will increase.  So go ahead & appreciate yourself. You are worth it! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love β™‘β˜†

Challenge: On a sticky note today, write out one positive step you made in acheiving your goals (could be short or long term), & place it somewhere where you will see it daily (i.e. bathroom mirror, car dashboard, cell phone case, etc). Whenever you feel like you haven’t done anything, take a look at it & remind yourself that you are doing something. 😊

Feel Friday!


​”My true self is the source of Peace & Love ” 

Remember that today when you encounter people or situations that attempt to threaten that. Have a blessed day & weekend everyone! Peace & Loveβ™‘β˜† 

Wellness Wednesday: Stressing out the process, forgetting that it is a process.β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†

Greetings beloveds! 

I’m back for another random Wellness Wednesday β™‘ I hope this seesaw weather finds you all well. Today I write to remind you of a simple & easily overlooked piece of information: there is no need to rush ourselves. Sure, sometimes we need a good kick in the arse to get moving or to keep it moving, but rush? Nah. The process of progress with new changes to your life or to reimplement healthier lifestyle choices (not only diet & exercise but Spiritually & emotionally as well) is a day by day event. We know not what the next day will bring us so we must make a concious effort to put our energy into the present & make it the best we can. Without that, we stay in constant need for something more, in constant dissatisfaction with what we have that we should be grateful for & embracing.

So with Caribana (Toronto Caribbean Carnival) coming in July 2017, I’m on working on getting my body fit fuh di road! My costume is going to be blingy & skimpy (to my standards) & I am in health-freak mode. That being said, I have been researching & reading up on the importance of cleansing my system through fasts as well as a vegetarian diet, as I am also working on what I like to call my Life Cleanse. The vegetarian aspect is very doable for me as that is my regular (aside from the occasional piece of chicken bacon on the weekends lol). Prayer, smudging, & meditation as part of my Spiritual regime are also very helpful. It’s the fasting that I am struggling with. I look at old pics back when I thought I needed to lose more weight & ask myself, “What was I thinking back then? I looked great!” Then I get caught up in the research of the healtheir lifestyles & I honeslty get overwhelmed.  I sometimes don’t know where to start, saying to myself, “Girl you know you miss your overnight oats!” “Just have one piece of chocolate; No! Leave it alone!” And don’t get me started on how I feel about my body & what needs trimming down & toned up. I love my body don’t get me wrong, but as many women can atest to, whether a size 2 or 22, I have those areas that I stare at in mirror & wish they were just an inch less or more toned. 

The other night I came to an Ah ha! moment where the quote in today’s title came to me. Spending so much time stressing out about the process of eating better (which I am doing), exercising (which I am doing), getting to bed earlier (working on it), the list goes on, I forget that Rome really wasn’t built in day. The greatest wonders of the world were not created in one day. Time was taken to pay attention the to details day by day, acknowledging the accomplishments along the way, & embracing each bit with love. We are wonders. We deserve that attention to our daily details, giving ourselves love & peace & joy through the simple action of gratitude for the present moment.  If not for that, we stress out & forget that is an actual process that takes time & deserves your support. Give yourself what you need & remember that it is all a process: one day at a time.

Love yourself & be yourself.  

Peace & Love β™‘β˜†

Terrific Tuesday: All Fear does is keep us living our truth


When we seek out the truth, when we tell the truth (to ourselves & others), we begin to live in it. In that, the strong holds of fear & doubt, the pains of the past & uncertainty of the future become less of a burden on our present. In that, we begin to embrace the moment, appreciating what we have without longing for the mysterious future.

One of the best ways to calm an anxiety & quiet the mind is to take a deep breath, & embrace the here & now, being grateful for what it is & what it holds. We can take the time to see & learn the lesson in each experience we have. All fear does is keep us from living our truth & experiencing what it. So be free & feel the Peace that living in your turth fully brings to your life. Peace & Love β™‘β˜† 

“Fear is always dispelled by truth”-Deepak Chopra

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