Thoughtful Thursday: Detachment


Today’s Thoughtful Thursday quote for the day:

“Detach yourself from the outcome; in that, you will find happiness.” – LadyDee

Cooking and baking, we envision in our minds the desired result. When it doesn’t turn out the way we planned we feel upset or discouraged. It effects the way we cook or bake next time. What if we just cooked or baked? We know what the ingredients are & the methods to get the “perfect” dish, so why not trust the process? Even when we do everything “right” it can turn out unexpectedly, sometimes better or worse, or not at all. The same goes for Life. “Well, I did everything I was supposed to so I should be further ahead now or in a better place.” Yes you very well may have done everything “right,” but your disappointment comes from result not being exactly how you planned it.When we view life’s moments as the experiences that they are & without the expectation of the outcomes, we learn to live in the present more, & enjoy the process rather than just results.

Simply put, when we understand that our attachment to the results of a situation don’t have to affect us in ways that make us feel down in the dumps about life, we let go of the disappointments & live in Peace. See that breath you just took without even thinking about it? That’s Life, reminding us that there is still life to be lived & experiences to have, love to be shared, & lessons to be learned. So detach yourself from the outcomes & live in the moment. There is so much Joy & Peace there to be had. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆


Wellness Wednesday: Like the Lotus…


Good afternoon loves♡

An awesome reminder I received the other day, that like the Lotus flower, it’s in our dark times that we are growing. Even when the clouds are grey & heavy, the Sun still shines. When we feel deep down in the dirt of Life’s struggles troubles, our roots are gaining strength so we can bloom into our greatest & strongest selves. On this cloudy but warm Wellness Wednesday, hang in there. This is your prep time; the Sun is still shining, awaiting your grand debut! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” – unknown


Motivation Monday! Just a little Love


Happy Monday loves!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend & were able to keep cool in spite of sweltering temperatures. Today’s Motivation Monday is in continuation of Friday’s video (posted on my FB page) as a reminder to give yourself Love. If we can see the value in loving others, then we must also see the value in loving ourselves. It gets tough sometimes when we don’t see ourselves as lovable but we are! And who knows you better than you?!

Lately, I’ve been giving myself some serious reminders to do this for myself. I recently updated my Vision Board wall with new sticky notes as my daily reminders of loving things to tell myself throughout the day. I’m a visual learner & this is my way of creatively putting my advice into my own practice. Below are some Self Love tips & practices that you may also find useful:

1. Develop some positive affirmations.
Tell yourself you are beautiful! Look in the mirror & say 3 good things about yourself. What are the features you love the most about yourself? Some of my favourite affirmations are: I am enough; I am worthy of love; I am centered, peaceful, & grounded; I am peace. You can say these at anytime of the day when you need a boost. With a deep breath, these & any others you may find most specific to your needs can help recharge you & remind you that you are worthy of your Love!

2. Make time for you!
The most common excuse I hear when speaking to my group of friends & colleagues is “I just can’t seem to find time for myself!” Hunny, you gotta make time! If we can make time for the kids, the spouses, other commitments we have to our loved ones, friends, & responsibilities, then we must priortize ourselves too! I struggle with this also, & have to force myself sometimes to take even 10mins to slow down after a busy day, sip some tea, & take a moment to re-center. I’m getting better at it, recognizing when I’m not feeling like myself or depleted so I can really carve in that self care time.Try taking a hot bath after a long day, or going for a walk or jog on a mild evening. Get into a good book you’ve been putting off. These and other activities can help you take some time to feel good about just being you & that putting yourself first is just as important as prioritizing other responsibilities.

3. Spending time with pther who love you.
This is probably one of the best ways to practice self love. By spending time with those who love you & want the best for you, you increase your happy hormones! You get a boost in confidence & remember that you are loved! Take im a movie with your bestie. Meet a lose relative for coffee or lunch (at home or in a cafe). Organize a Games Night & have some folks over for some good ol’ fashioned fun! These things not only help keep you surrounded by Love, but also keep you light-hearted & puts stress aside if even for a little while, keeping you focused on something positive.

Find what works for you & incorporate it into your every day life. You are worth it! You deserve it! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

Happy Wellness Wednesday!


Greetings ♡

It’s Back to School & class is in session! Students everywhere are getting back into the groove of new & exciting lessons for the year! Yay! Any parents get the jitters of sending your kiddies off for their first day? I did, but deep down I knew she’d be fine, & she loved it! Her first day of second grade was awesome (her words not mine) & she loves her new school. I hope everyone had great first days ♡

Interestingly enough, tonight is also the official Harvest Full Moon! After that powerful New Moon/Total solar eclipse, there has been so much revealing, so much learning, & growth to reap from that I’ve been noticing within my own circle of friends & family & also all around the world(prayers up for all the nations braving their storms & natural disasters)! What an introduction for the Autumn season!

In what ways have you seen revelation, growth, & positive chnage in your own lives these last 2 weeks since the New Moon? What are you grateful for? You may be saying, “Well, it’s only been 2 weeks,” but we are constantly growing, always learning, & always at least one thing to be grateful for. I have definitely noticed my own growth & learning in the last few weeks, seeing & understanding lessons from some big changes in my life with starting over single, being a single mother, settling into our new place, among other things. As scary & new as these experiences are, I am grateful for the lessons that are being revealed & the learning that comes with it. These are the things that make us better versions of ourselves, when we can grow from situations that seem as though they may threaten to break us. It’s definitely empowering to say the least.

So, just as Autumn is approaching & the seaons are changing to bring in weather, just as the students are settling into new classes & school work, today, I encourage you to embrace the new lessons that time & experience is teaching you. Let it inspire you to be the best you you can be, & grow! It’s a sign that Life continues in cycles & in revitalization! And of course, have gratitude for everything you have & gain along the way. If you made a New Moon List, remember to take some time today in reflection & give thanks for the things accomplished & tasks you are still working on. I will definitley be having a smudge session tonight, sending more positive vibes to you all! Have a great week everyone 😘 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.-Brian Tracy

Feel Free Friday: “You can’t heal what you don’t reveal.”-Jay-Z.


Greetings ♡

What a powerful New Moon that was Monday night after eclipse, wasn’t it? After doing some research, I learned that the part of the Total Solar Eclipse’s significance is to symbolize unearthing & revealing, healing & inner Peace. Add the fact that is was also a New Moon, there was much that revealed itself to me that night. After a good smudge, prayer, & meditation, I took to my notebook to write out my New Moon list to help determine my goals for this moon cycle (a New Moon list is a way to set your intentions & goals for that particular moon cycle as the moon cycles have the power to move tides, keep nature aligned, & does the same for us as humans on a spiritual level; visit for more details; note that some of these are stricter than my own practice but I have found that even writing the list before the next Full Moon is just as effective as writing the list on the day of or after the New Moon). Thankfully, the words flowed easily as I took the time to delve in & reveal truths to myself about myself that I needed to see.

You see, inner Peace doesn’t just come from wanting inner Peace.

Just like with your home for example, you have to take the time to declutter & clean up so you can see what needs to stay & what needs to go. I’m sure you notice how much clearer & more peaceful you feel after a good house cleaning. Light some incense & it’s on! (lol sorry, I get excited about new & calming scents).

As the quote I posted says, in order to heal you have to reveal. Dig a little deeper & see what you find that has been suppressed, things that you thoight you healed but still itch you in your Spirit. Reveal to yourself (& maybe even someone you trust) the things that need to be brought to your forefront. A New Moon list can help you examine your wants & necessities of your Life, bringing you closer to your truest & best version of yourself, & to your Inner Peace. Not only do you make the New Moon list, you keep it with you, whether physically or mentally (I like to take pictures of mine so I have it handy whenever I need it), & live as though the goals on the list have already taken place. Give it gratitude & put in the action needed to reach those goals. By the next Full Moon, you can look back & see what was accomplished & what needs more work. Then, burn the list! Release the ashes into your garden or air or wherever there is a space of Peace for you, further revealing your truth & intentions to the Unvierse. What you put out is what you get back.

Now, if you didn’t get to make a list for this cycle, it’s okay. There will be another New Moon on September 20th 2017.

As the Full Moon approaches on September 6th 2017, you can still make your list, or simply remind yourself daily of what you’d like to accomplish & work on, applying gratitude & love along the way, preparing you for the next cycle.

Have a blessed weekend everyone! See you next week! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love♡☆

Terrific Tuesday: RELAX!!!


I haven’t written a Terrific Tuesday post in a while but when I learned that today is National Relaxation Day, I was inspired to write.

Sometimes we fight the current of Life & get caught in turbulent waves. Each day, I learn a bit more about letting go of trying to control everything & instead give it prayer & go with the flow. When we do this in love for ourselves & for those along our path, it gets easier to relax, knowing that things are working out for our own good, even when it looks bleak. The Universe conspires in our favor.

So on this gorgeous day, if there is something bugging you, making you feel anxious, or tugging at your sanity, I encourage you to takea deep breath & have a moment to relax. Bring the heart rate down a bit & Wooooosah!

Have a great day! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”- Sydney J. Harris

Motivation Monday: “When life gets too loud, listen to yourself.” -Shopper’s Drug Mart ad, 2017


Make the time to take care of you. As we are adulting(as they say these days), we forget that we need to take care of our source, of us, mind, bodyn, & Spirit.

It is a daily work for me as well. My recent visit to my Chiropractor & Massage therapist (after a 3yr absence) reminded me of how crucial it is to balance out your life with time to rest & delving into ourselves. In this, we find the Peace that we forget we inately have to help us time of inner & outter chaos. “Remember yourself,” he said, & today I give you that same reminder, along with the quote in the title, to you to to listen to yourself. Those aches & pains, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical (maybe all 3)are a definite sign that you need some TLC.

Tonight, I’ll be rolling out the trusty Yoga mat, with some sage & incense to bring it all back into sync, & keep the creative juices flowing!

What activities do you like to do to bring the Peace & balance back to your life? Hit me up in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. Have a great Monday! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

Happy Feel Free Friday!


Happy Feel Free Friday!

It’s the long weekend! For those of us preparing to “chip dung di road” see you tomorrow at Caribana! I am just about all ready for a full day of Soca! See you there!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, be safe, have fun, & most of all, FEEL FREE (please enjoy responsibly ❤)!

See you next week! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.”-Randy Pausch

Wellness Wednesday: Why do “bad” things happen to good people?


Great risings my loves♡

This age-old question is what many of us ask ourselves when we find oursleves in tough times & our Peace is being tested. If there is anything I’ve learned in life, especially in the last 2yrs, is that it’s the unideal situation that propels you further in life than you ever could have imagined.

We each go through our own trials & tests, things that seem to push us to our limits. What if it’s not our limit? What if it’s a moment that is preparing us for our next higher level, a moment that will give us a story or lesson that we can bring into the next phase of our lives & even inspire someone along the way?

Big life changes are scary, but there is always something in the mystery of the unknown that helps us to let go & move forward in faith.

Moving into my new place with my daughter & accepting single motherhood was that unknown for me. “Why is this happening? This was not the plan!” Initially when my family life changed from 3-persons to 2-persons, I considered it as a “bad” thing for me. Dont get me wrong, as it still has its salty moments, where my Peace is tested from time to time, but moving & accepting single motherhood continue to teach me something new, something bitter, & something sweet. Here’s how the new, bitter, & sweet threw me off my Peace-game but also transitioned it into something even more beautiful:

New: we moved from the home we previously shared as a family. The move itself was hectic & crazy, from moving truck cancellations to long drives to get furniture & then being unable to fit some it through my new front door, needless to say, I was not at Peace that weekend. On the bright side, my daughter was super excited to get a new place, start a new school, & make new friends. Of course she cried almost the whole way to our new place on mving day, but still, she is happy to start a new chapter in life (her own words!). I am happy to have new space to call our own, a new place to make comfortable in our own way.

Bitter: no matter how long it seems, being single & raising a child seems to be a reality that hits hard sometimes, especially when you weren’t doing alone to begin with. The whole thing threw me for a loop & tests my Peace on countless occasions. The questions about my life path, womanhood, & motherhood seem to get louder in my head when being alone. This is not the ideal I had in mind when I started my family. I continue to learn, however, that adjusting to a new lifestyle that has no blueprint is a day to day process, with peaks & valleys with interesting things to see & learn along the way. I embrace it & teach my daughter to do the same, to always look to the silver linings & being the light in dark places. The biggest lesson so far: you never know how strong you are until that the only option you have. I am grateful for that too.

Sweet: I continue to have the opportunity to watch my little one grow & mature into a lovely young lady, as well as coming into my own as a woman, learning more about myself each day & remembering what it is to just be me. These parts are the best pieces of the puzzle. Some of my greatest moments of Peace are watching her in her independence & growth, & having the time to myself to understand who I am, further rediscovering my hobbies, & ways to enjoy myself, on my own & with friends & family.

What has helped me stay at Peace in those times where I start questioning everything about the journey is reminding myself that everything is in order as it should be for my life, as there is always something to learn from where I’m at, there’s always some beauty, & something to be grateful for. I am learning so much about this new path in my life & I embrace it, no longer fighting the currents but going with the flow. Not only do I benefit & grow stronger this way, but so does my daughter, who has two parents who conitnue to love & support her along the way.

“Bad” things don’t with happen to good people, but rather situations happen, period. With each step on our life’s journey, we come to points that throw us for a loop & think, “Why is this happening to me? I did everything right!” You can do everything ‘right’ & still find yourself in a place of dischord & inner turmoils. The key thing to rememeber in these times is to not get lost in those dark places, but to cling to what helps keeps you peaceful. Hold on to what brings you back to that place of serenity if even for a moment, so that you can see that those loops don’t last forever but rather for a reason in that season of time. They are there to teach us that even in those chatics times, we are still strong, resilient, & that our Peace of mind & Self still exists whenever we need it. Rough times happen, period, but they don’thave to define you. Let them build upon your strength & prepare for the next levels in your life.

Whatever it is that may be sending you on a spiral of woes, my hope is that you, too, find the new, underatand the bitter, & embrace the sweet. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love♡☆

“Let go of your disappointments, mistakes and failures. May you find complete healing, renewed spiritual strength and courage to begin again.”- Lailah Gifty Akita

Feel Free Friday!


Happy Feel Free Friday!

The following came to me in my meditation yesterday: “Do what brings you Joy; do what makes you smile; do what gives you Peace. ”

My hope is that these words inspire you as they do for me, to remember that today, & each day, we are blessed to walk this Earth. Feel Free to do you, be you, & Love you!

Have a blessed weekend everyone! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆