Taking care of You!

Good morning ♡

Presently, I’m battling an icky Spring-time cold. A stuffy nose, sore throat, feverish chills, blocked sinuses, & congested cough are not the way I wanted to greet this warmer weather. But as I took a few days to nurse myself back to health, my girl gave me some inspiration: funny how when we get sick is when we pay more attention to what we need to do to stay healthy; you should write about it! (Thanks Gail 🙂 ♡). How true is that? And it got me thinking some more, about what we do for ourselves, to ourselves, shows up in the results of our lives. Sickness will knock you down, have you in bed for days or more, feeling like you could die. Then, it’s when you finally muster up the energy to get up, head to the kitchen, make some homeade meals, soups, drinks (I know my West Indian peeps know about that Rum,ginger, honey, & lime mix,tried & true aint?), and teas, steam yourself with some Vicks or eucalyptus, all that nasty stuff starts to run for the hills: through your nose, mouth, and eyes. Now, you can breathe (the breath of life enters you more deeply replenishing your insides even further), you can speak and swallow better (you can communicate with more clarity and take in more nutrition to sustain your body the way it needs to be), & now you can see more clearly (things that were blurred by congestion & obstruction become more visble & your choices become more evident). Sometimes just the common Cold can make you really reevaluate your life, hopefully srtting you onto a path to taking better care of yourself. We get out what we put in, & that includes Spritually & emotionally. Remember that when you are feelong stressed &overwhelemed, forgetting to pray or meditate, as this also causes breaks in the chain of good health. With that said, I’m headed to work, but not before I give thanks for this new day & create positive vibes. Tonight will be for my meditation ♡

Tips on how to fight the Springtime sniffles:

1. Drink lots of fluids!

I know, your doctor says it all the time when you visit with a Cold or Flu & it’s true. To flush your system of the bacteria & germs that have attacked your immune system, it’s important to drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices (i.e. orange juice is great for it’s high content of Vitamin C that is needed to re-strengthen your immune system).

2. Trusted home remedies

My girl reminded me of the Vicks/Eucalyptus steam, a tried &true remedy to clear the sinuses & chest of the mucus build up that comes with getting the Cold or Flu. As I mentioned in the Morning Daily, once you’re cleared up, you can breathe better, see, speak better , & eat better, inviting healthy nutrients into your body to nuture your revived cells.

Boiling raw ginger & garlic & drink it like tea. This is very soothing dor the sore throat.

Another good remedy is Rum, honey, & lime mixture is a great way to kick start your system into clearing out that mucus that is lingering, as the alcohol gives a calming effect (sleep my darling, sleepl lol), the honey & lime soothe and loosen up the mucus on your chest, helping you to “cough it up & spit it out” (as my father would always say when I had a bad cough; it was like a mantra at my house growing up if I got sick). Below is the recipe:

-white rum (DO NOT USE BROWN/DARK RUM!!! YOU WILL GET SICKER! Trust me, I learned that the hard way)
-one green lime
-boiled water

Mix one to two capfuls of Rum with a teaspoon of honey and a teasppon of lime in a shot glass (or a small teacup if you don’t have a shot glass). Add 1-2 tablespoons of boiled water (still warm). Stir & drink. It will burn. It will taste sour. But give it a few seconds & feel how you begin to feel clearer. You can do this before bed or twice a day until you feel your symptoms passing

Feel free to share any other remedies you know of in the comments section!I would love to hear what you do to help beat the Cold! Sharing is caring! 🙂

3. Eat warm & hot foods.

There’s something about hot soup & homemade oatmeal or porridge that is so soothing to the body & soul. Heat does wonders to soothe you & help to fight off those pesky germs that make us sick. That is the purpose of the fever. It’s your body’s way of getting rid of the germs & bacteria making you sick (but of course too high of a fever is not good, so keeping track of your temperature is important; anything that os higher than 40° c for more than 3 days, see your doctor or visit the ER). So drink up! Enjoy Mommma’s homemade soup recipes, chock full fresh veggies & protein to help build you up when you’re body is feeling down. Have some oatmeal or porridge for breakfast to warm you up & soothe you. It’s filling & healthy! And do this even when you aren’t sick. It’s a great & tasty way to maintain a healthy immune system.

4. Get some sleep!

Our bodies recharge while we sleep, so getting lots of rest when we aren’t feeling well is crucial. All the remedies & medicines are helpful but if you don’t allow your body to let them work, then they will only go so far. So rub down with some Vicks, drink that Rum mixture, curl up im your flannels under the blankets (woth your tissues close by because you will need them), & get some rest.

5. Last but not least, feed your Spirit.

Remember to give your Spirit some healthy food too. It may be a bit difficult to do as you would normally do, but even if your curled up in bed, saying a short prayer, stilling your mind in a simple & short meditation, can help put you at ease as well. Remember, we remain most healthy when we are balanced on all levels ♡

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆



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