Wellness Wednesday: Braving the storms

​Greetings & welcome to Wellness Wednesday 🙂

Outside is a skating rink! Please proceed woth caution folks while makong your way to your destinations today. As much as it was slippery, the ice looked so looked pretty, didn’t it? The glassy look of the grass blades & tree branches were truly a sight. I always like ice storms for that reason: they cover the Earth with sheets of ice & rain, but leave a crystal imprint of what lies beneath. Much like Life, isn’t it? We may go through many an ice storm, but it doesn’t have to cover up our beauty.  We can still shine through 🙂 

On our way home yesterday, we took our time walking along the ice, making little jokes to ease the tension of having to walk along the skating rinks also known as sidewalks. Thoughtfully, my daughter says to me that it looks so cool & pretty how the grass is under the ice. Right mama?” “Yes it does!”I replied with enthusiasm. Then she said something that madr me say hmmmm: “But mom, why is Mother Nature freezing everything? She’s killing the grass!” I told her that the grass is not dying because of the ice but that it’s sleeping as Winter is the hibernation season & the ice is simply covering it until Spring comes to wake it up again. I also reminded her that it looked pretty too. Thankfully she knows about hibernation & is well versed about the seasons so my explanation made sense to her & she understood. 

This made me think a bit deeper too. When life freezes, causing you to slow down (else you’ll slip), it can definitley feel like a setback (I know that’s probably how many of us felt yesterday trekking through the City). But under the ice still lies beauty. There is still much to behold, & when we slow down we can see it better, taking time to appreciate the details & beauty that lies beneath, the positive that is in every situatiom we encounter. Also, we learn new strategies to safely navigate through it. Once we reach the other side, once the ice melts & that treacherous walk becomes steady pavement again, we look back & see that we made it across. We can build our confidence & life strength knowing that we did it, whether on our own with only Spirit as our guide or also with others right next to us, helping us make it through. 

Whatever ice storm.it is that you’re facing, embrace a slower pace & work your way through. The results will be well worth the efforts. 

Stay safe out there today ♡☆ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”-Willa Cather


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