Wellness Wednesday: Detox your life!


Detox your life!

Welcome back after this long weekend:-) I’m sure many of us indulged a bit more than normally & are feeling the need to shed some of the extra calories (I know I am)! What about in life? What have you been holding onto that you need to shed because it’s weighing you down? We all need some detoxing on all levels of life so that we can move forward clearly. Not an easy or fun process by any means. It takes effort & dedication, but the benefits are truly rewarding.

For me, I work daily on letting go of past hurts & frustrations. I have the tendency to rewind & think of alternative ways in which I could’ve said or done something or not. It drives me nuts! I know this is also common for many of us. What I find most helpful is to redirect my thoughts onto the present & how to do what is required for my own peace of mind. I first start off with a mental “sssshhhhh!” switch to turn off the thoughts. It works! Lol! I literally tell my mind to “Ssssssh please! I need to really focus!” Then through prayer & meditation or listening to good music, or simply focusing on the present task at hand I make an effort to put myself in a more positive mental space. By living in the present & a more positive attitude, I can feel the anxieties & frustrations melt away. They become less & less, & eventually easier to avoid. 

The Life Detox can also include letting go of people in your life that tend to bring along negative vibes. You know the ones that always have something negative to say about your ambitions, or are quick to tell you that you won’t reach your goals. Whatever the case, folks like these tend to have their own insecurities & shortcomings that they can’t see yet. Give them space & build with thise that are on the same page as you, that will support you & encourage you to better yourself. You’re worth it! 

Just like a diet plan, the more effort we make to let go of the poor nutrients in our systems, the easier it is to retain the healthier foods & the benefits of them. The more we entertain Peace & Positivity, the more reap the benefits of a more Peaceful state of mind. What do you do to mentally cleanse?  Try that “Ssssshhhh!” switch today & detox your life. Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“We need deep cleansing of our thoughts on and often so that we can recharge our energy for our own health, happiness and purpose.”-Kishore Bansal


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