Wellness Wednesday: Silver Linings

At a red light coming home from work, I was greeted with this beautiful rainbow. After the day I had, it was just what I needed to start the evening on a positive note. It was a great reminder that after the rain, the sun always shines, & sometimes, you get a rainbow, reminding you that there is greater to come, just keep pressing forward. 🌈

Today, remember that there is always a bright side, a lesson to be learned, & cleansing taking place, so that your growth can continue.

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

Motivation Monday: What’s in your cup?

I am Peace, I am Love, & on Monday mornings beside my motivations, I also need some Java. What’s in your cup? Happy Monday!😁😘 You got this! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love❤💫

p.s. tonight’s the official full moon; time to release & give thanks for lessons learned, & get ready to embrace the greatness that our future holds for us😁

Feel Free Friday!  Free Up yuhself (set yourself free)!

Just like the leaves will fall from the trees as Autumn is approaching (although you wouldn’t know it with this extended Summer weather we’re having; yay global warming😎), we too have to make changes in our lives every now & again to set ourselves up for a new chapter in our lives. Freeing Up Yuhself sometimes includes letting go of things, habits, or even people that no longer serve to our growth & Peace. What does this look like for you today? How will you Free Up Yuhself this weekend?

For me, this weekend will be all about some serious Self Care, as the time to really fill my cup has been long overdue & I am truly looking forward to it😍. Maybe for you it can be taking a long walk, spending time with family & friends, doing a new thing that excites you, or even facing a fear or situation that you have been avoiding that needs to be put to rest. Whatever it is in your Life that needs attention & releasing, approach it in Love, gently giving yourself what you need so you can be at Peace.

So on that note, enjoy the weekend my loves & remember to always Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

Motivation Monday❤: In the Here & Now

Happy Monday loves!

Cheers to another week! We are awake & ready for another start. There is something so serene about being aware of the here & now, that brings a deeper sense of Peace that we don’t get from living in the past or worrying about the future. Today’s Motivation Monday post is a reminder to live in the Peace of the present moment.

While it can be tricky at times, when we find our minds stuck in the past or worrying about the future (trust me, I know this struggle), taking that deep breath to ground yourself into the here & now, makes all the difference when it comes to regaining & maintaining your inner Peace. I encourage you today to “stop & smell the roses” & find the beauty & security that the present moment brings.

Have a great week! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

“We have to get back to the beauty of just being alive in this present moment.”- Mary McDonnell

Feel Free Friday: Bloom in spite of….

It’s Friday! Feel Free!😁

Bloom in spite of…..

What’s going on around us doesn’t have to determine who we are or how we grow. Inspired by Nature, today’s Feel Free Friday reminder is to be your beautiful & Peaceful self even in the face of wild & unpredictable circumstances. While it can be hard to do sometimes, it’s always a positive thing when we make the honest effort to operate in our greatness.

This week I had some well needed time away from work & took a nice morning walk today. My intention was to find a place in Nature, sit, enjoy rhe sunshine, & write to my heart’s content. Thankfully, I found a nice little parkette & made myself comfortable on a nearby bench. Birds chirping, people out walking their dogs, it was just the perfect setting to release my thoughts & Feel Free. Yet, when I went to write, I couldn’t. The flow of words & ideas weren’t coming together as I hoped😔. I was disappointed, feeling like a perfect moment & setting was wasted because of good ol’ writers’ block. After 20mins & many scrapped writings, I decided to walk it off & maybe the walk home would inspire me somehow. 5mins from the parkette, thankfully Mother Nature showed me there is much to inspire us all around. The picture featured here is of some wild flowers growing in the midst of a construction site. At first I picked a couple to put in a water when I got home, but stepping back & admiring the lovley lilac purple amongst the green weeds & dusty surroundings from the construction work, I was inspired😊Our surroundings (life experiences, circumstances) may be rugged but that doesn’t have to stunt our growth, dim our beauty, or disrupt our Inner Peace. Just like these flowers, we can focus on the light, surround ourselves with positive & supportive network, & Feel Free to bloom in spite of what’s going on around us. 🌱🌺 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

“Happiness is a quality of the soul…not a function of one’s material circumstances.” -Aristotle

Wellness Wednesday: Handle with Care (you deserve it😉)

Handle with Care (you deserve it😉)

Blessed risings my loves! As we continue through the week, today’s Wellness reminder is to be gentle with yourself as you continue to work towards each goal you have set. Whether it be something simple like waking up 30mins early for some Me-time, or something more intricate like making steps to turn a hobby into a career, give yourself the time & space to get there.

I gave myself this same reminder this past 2 weeks, as I revisited my New Moon list for this cycle & see some progress but not as much as I hoped to see, I remember that things may not always happen the way you planned, goals may take longer to reach (especially when starting from scratch), but as long we have breath in our bodies & our health, we can make it on this journey. As long as I’m making the necessary steps towards my goals, they may not all start at the same time I put my mind to it but the act of writing it out, speaking it into my vibrations, prayer, are the initial stages that give me that extra push towards the greatness within.

Let go of the pains & mistakes of the past & embrace the lessons they taught you. This will help you regain a sense of Peace within & give you a brighter outlook on your future, one step at a time. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

Motivation Monday: Every little step we take👣

Happy Monday & welcome back to the start of a new week😊

The Full Moon last night was beautiful, wasn’t it? If you didn’t get a chance to see it, that’s okay, it’s light shone on you too😘As the Full Moon has appeared & a new week has begun, let’s stay motivated to continue working towards our goals, whatever they may be, letting go of old nuances & allowing ourselves to appreciate every little step we take towards them.

In the energy of August’s last Full Moon until the Fall season, we are encouraged to release all that is no longer for us in our best interests, take comfort in knowing we continue to make it through, & being able set new goals (or make amendments to previous ones that need further attention).

If there’s anything I’ve learned from doing New & Full moon rituals is that we must take time to acknowledge the accomplishments we’ve made along our journeys. When we focus on things we haven’t done yet, we lose sight of the pieces we have that are paving the way for us to get to the goals we’ve set.

In gratitude, may we allow ourselves to honour & give thanks for the accomplpishments we have made along the way. There is so much Peace in that, knowing & accepting we are continued works in progress, always striving towards our best selves, no matter how big or small the strides are. We’re still moving forward & will get where we need to be.

Through it all, always remember to Love yourself & be yourself. Have a great day my love😘Peace & Love ♡☆

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