Tuesday Peace tips: Press Reset

Blessed risings my loves😊

A quick tip for your self-care this Tuesday: know when you need to re-evaluate & do so accordingly. There’s no shame in re-visiting your goals, & your present stance & the path you’re on.

With the pressures of life that we can often feel, sometimes it get us stuck in a rut with a heavy case of woes. Press reset. Take a moment for a deep breath. Breathe in Gratitude. Breathe out anxiety, depressed feelings, & any other weighted feelings that can make you feel stuck. Feel the present moment & make a concious choice to reset your thoughts, refocusing them on what’s important for you right now.

Not sure what’s important right now? Take this moment to reevaluate what is. Redo your starting point without shaming yourself & maintain your lane. We aren’t in a race against anyone else or even yourself, contrary to common belief. All we need to do is what we need to, for ourselves. In doing this we operate from the best point of ourselves, so we can be at our best for others as well.

I recently learned the definition of an Ambivert, someone who likes to be social & meet new people, but alone time is also just as important to this type of person. The need to recharge & reset is crucial to the well being of an Ambivert. I totally identify with this definition, as well as that of an Introvert. I love being with friends, spending time with loved ones, having quality time with my little girl. I also love my alone time too, where I can gather my thoughts, put the day’s happenings into persepctive, journal out any pent-up feelings, & meditate & reason with myself & the Almighty. It helps me sleep easier & prepares me for a new day. I like being around others but I also recognize my need to recharge on my own time, unapologetically. It does wonders for my Inner Peace🙏🏾😊

At any point today or any other day, you feel overwhelmed or unsure of your next step, take a moment to take a deep breath & reset yourself, your mind, your body, & your spirit. It’s all part of the process of regaining & maintaining your Inner Peace. Below are some meditation tips on that help stya focused that you may also find useful. Have a lovely day😊

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

Motivation Monday: Let it rain🌧

Blessed risings & Happy Monday❤

Another rainy day, but who else is like me & loves a good night time rain to lull you to sleep? And what a lightning show it was last night too, right? Mother Nature sure knows how to amaze us with the sinple things. That being said, while rain may slow us a down a bit, make us feel gloomy & like things are not going our way, let it also remind us that it washes away what is no longer needed & makes way for what is needed, allowing very rich conditions for nourishment & growth to prevail🌧🌱

When we are working towards our goals, they may seem far away & unreachable. You may feel small in comparison to the obstacles you face when working towards reaching your dreams. Don’t give up! Send up the prayers, positive vibes, visuaize yourself already there, & be gentle to yourself along the journey. You will get there, just keep pressing forward. Have a lovley day😊😊😊 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

“Some people feel the rain; others just get wet.” – Bob Marley

Feel Free Friday: New Moon inspirations🌌

Happy Friday my loves😍

Tonight is the New Moon, a perfect time to set your intentions & list the goals you want to focus on. What are you striving to accomplish? What does your Spirit need right now?

Reshaping my fitness & wellness journey, I am presently working on losing a few pounds & gettting in better shape. Now, when I say “better shape” I’ve come to the realization that this not only in regards to my phyiscal body, but also my mental & spiritual bodies as well. So often we get caught in the looking at one particular thing/action that we feel the need to change & forget that we have a whole self to include in the process as well. In the case of losing weight & creating a lifestyle change, I started out focusing only on diet & exercise. The task of doing this definitely caused me some anxiety because as much as I know daily exercise is important, see the way my life is set up right now….lol….it often feels like I don’t have enough time to get all my adulting done, while being a mom, working full time, participating in my community groups, and all the other things I have on my plate (& food, oh how i love some good food!) I also know that time management & setting realistic goals is key, along with looking at the whole picture & not just snippets. While focussing on one thing at a time is a healthy approach as well, it can stifle you when working on lifeatyle changes if we dont include our full selves in the picture. When we see the glass as half full, we can visiualize our whole self as complete with room for growth at every level, giving attention to what we need to to make that visual more effective & even realistic. That being said, I am formulating my self care plan inclusive of not only regular exercise & healthy eating, but also developing a stronger spiritual routine with morning & evening prayer & meditation, creating a better sleep & waking schedule that can help me accomplish these goals (i.e. one of my goals is to wake up at 5am, sopresently, I am.working on waking up 10-20mins earlier each day until I reach my 5am goal). This can help me think more clearly about what steps I have to take each day to acheive my goals & put the steps into action, understanding it’s a journey that has to begin somewhere, which is right here, in the Now. This New Moon is a great opportunity to give focus to these attainable & realistic goals, putting our positive intentions out to the Universe to be brought back to us in our day to day & help us get closer to acheieving our goals. I am so grateful for coming to this realization again & having the ambition to take the steps needed to create my Life the way I want it🙏🏾.

So, while being mindfull today, let’s pay more attention to what’s in the present moment, remembering our whole selves, & give life & more power to the thoughts & actions that can assist us in reaching our goals & setting new ones to look forward to in the future. It’s all in the works. We just have to create & focus on the full (& realistic) vision.

Have a Peace(ful) & amazing weekend😊 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

Wellness Wednesday: Be in the Now!

It’s a new day! If you felt down yesterday, today is a perfect time to change that. What we felt in the past doesn’t mean we have to feel it in the now. We have the power to change our reality with just a simple thought. When we focus on what we are looking to achieve, we give it life & room to grow. We give it the attention that is needed to thrive & flourish.

There is so much that we miss when we worry about things we can’t change, living in anxiety about the past & worry about the future….I know that stuggle all too well & still struggle with it from time to time. Being human means accepting that we are not perfect but that we strive daily to love in our greatness, to live & love as our best selves.

Today I encourage you as encourage myself to do the same, to live in the present moment & give thanks for the gifts it has to offer. If you find yourself struggling with practicing living in the moment, the easiest & quickest way to get back to the here & now is Gratitude. My favourite way to get rid of anxiety & feel better about things that may not be going as I hoped in my life is to make a Gratitude list. You can make the list in your head or on your phone or in a notebook, or even on a sticky note that you can post somewhere visible, reminding you to always give thanks for what it is that you do have, knowing that you are taking the steps you need to reach your goals & maintain your inner Peace.

Have a blessed day my loves & always remember to love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

Motivational Monday – Big girls & big boys don’t cry! Or do they?🤔

Blessed day my loves😍 I hope we all had productive & restful weekends. Today’s Motivation is to inspire you to let yourself feel what you need to feel so you can be who you need to be on your journey, while expressing gratitude along the journey. If that means tears need to fall every now & again, then so be it. “Tears are the water to the soul,” is what came to me in a meditation one day, & I firmly believe that after a good cry, we rise up with a feverence to keep pushing forward regardless of the circumstances.

The common narrative is that after a certain age or milestone in life, we as adults aren’t supposed to cry unless it’s because of extenuating circumstances. But what about when those feelings of being overwhelmed or being unheard, or hopelessness, or sever confusion? What happens when you can’t feel like you can express yourself? Sometimes the tears are needed to let all those feelings & emotions flow, all the way out. Let it out so you can let it go. I had my moment with that this weekend, when I woke up Sunday morning with tears streaming down my face. Out of no where, I was just sobbing. I’m still not totally sure why I was crying, but for a moment I wanted to stiffle the tears & keep it quiet, didn’t want my daughter to over hear if she was awake. “But when was the last time I had a good cry,” I asked myself. I couldn’t remember, so I just let it out. Silent sobs & warm tears. In that moment of the Sunday morning peace & quiet, whatever needed to get out needed to come out & that it did. And it didn’t last too long but when it was done I felt lighter, releasing what needed to be released & I went right into a deep prayer of thanksgiving for all that I have.

Today, I encourage you to let go of what you need to so you can make room for what you need in your space. Make room for yourself. Feel what you need to. When we block ourselves or others from allowing those feelings to fully be expressed, we inadvertently block ourselves from really examining & understanding what’s going on inside ourselves. Essentially, we avoid. And we all know what happens when we avoid important things: they find a way to make themselves known, & more than likely in ways that are not private for us to manage it as we want to. Outburst of tears in the grocery store aisle? Crying at the sight of a commercial? Triggers seemingly come out of no where & then it’s Niagara Falls on your face. The emotions are there to show us what we need to see about ourselves & our lives so we can address what needs addressing, what needs to stay & what needs relaesing. So, release. A good cry feels like that doesn’t it? A release of what has been building up, and lightening the emotional load you may be feeling so you can face your situations head on. Big girls & big boys do cry. Embrace all of you & do it all with Love.

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & love ❤💫

Wellness Wednesday – Change is good!

Blessed risings my loves! Today marks the first day of Spring!🌱 Yay! Yet, it seems that Winter is getting her last hoorah with this crisp, minus-degree weather❄❄❄ But Spring is on her way!

As the seasons change we prepare ourselves for the next change in weather & temperatures. We know it’s coming at some point, that the change will arrive. Just like in life, our seasons change too, however, we often times tend cling to the familiar & old ways that we attach ourselves to. It got you this far, right?

Just like the Winter coats & boots & all those warm layers get packed away into the closet until they are needed again, the same can be said for our old habits, beliefs, or anything in our lives that need some reevaluation or rearranging. Change can be good & new or revamped thought processes, ideals, & belief systems have a chance to be explored & implenented if suitable. These good changes, while they may feel scary as the unknown can be, can help us boost our positive energy & increase our Inner Peace, as we let go of what no longer serves us & make way for a better experience, clearing the way for new opportunities that are for our own good.

No one said it would be easy or that you won’t feel afraid, but in these good changes we can make a choice to avoid until it smacks us in the face, or we can face them head on with a brave & confident Spirit.

So, as we wait for Spring, as we clear out our closets & change up our wardrobes for a new Season, let’s do the same with out hearts & minds, & embrace good changes with an open heart, cleared path, & brighter outlook on a new day. And as always, remember through it all, to Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”- Harriet Ann Jacobs

Wellness Wednesday: Still waters run deep

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Bundle up folks! Today’s a coooold one!

Although I’m on a bit of hiatus from posting regularly, I was inspired by the amazing views this weekend, especially of the river, & I wanted to share some encouragement with you this Wednesday morning. As the saying goes, “Still waters run deep.” While we may not see it on the surface, there is more to our journeys than what meets the eye. As we work on our Peace, cultivating it & nurturing it, the process can get messy at times & have rough undercurrents. Give yourself permission to go & grow through whatever it is that you are facing right now.

Watching the river, listening to the water moving under the ice (all that snow you see before the river? that is actually all ice, as the river is frozen over), learning about how to create safe boundaries so we could know where was safe to venture without hitting thinning ice, I though to myself: well, alright then, lessons upon lessons upon lessons are showing up to me in this one view. The lesson that first stuck out to me was this: while it may not be visible, there is always something going under the surface. There is always work being done on levels that you may not even realize. Yet, the signs are all around you, showing themselves tou, you just need to focus & pay attention. Allow yourself to see what you need to see, feel what you need to feel, grow through what you need to grow through, so that your true & best nature can shine through.

As human beings, we often try to avoid situations that are difficult, that bring up emotions that we dont want to deal with. While this can be helpful at times, when these emotions come up often, it’s the Universe sending you a message: look at it, face it, get deep, because you need to heal it. The healing process isn’t easy or necessarily quick, just like that river, with ice breaking off in thin spots, the water moves where it needs to, goes where it’s supposed to. Tough & trying situations gives us a chance to really examine ourselves, learn what works & what doesn’t, & provide us with a chance to gather the tools needed to get better & do better. Trust the process.

Have a great & warm day my loves!😘 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & love ❤💫

Wellness Wednesday: Black History Month edition – Self Love❤🖤💚

Happy Hump Day on this Wellness Wednesday!

Today’s post is in celebration of Blak History Month, & I’m posting images & quotes to encourage & show love in the Black community❤🖤💚👊🏾

Let’s take care of ourselves so we can be full of unconditional love for ourselves & those around us. This is one of the best ways to cultivate our inner Peace. Have an awesome day my loves!❤💫👑

Wellness Wednesday: Winter is here for a lil longer…please be safe out there!

Please be safe out there today!

All that snow from yesterday is staying with us for a little while longer. Sending some early V-Day love & prayers for safe travels while the Winter storms come.

That being said, while we can prepare for some storms, there are some that we can’t. That’s when we have to roll with the punches. Yesterday, it was an official Snow Day, & while snowfall was anticipated, there was only so much prep that could go into staying ready for what was to come. That’s when super-survival mode kicks in & we look only at the necessities & leave certain luxuries to the side until the coast is clear.

In Life, this is how it can be sometimes & we just have to focus on what is most needed at the moment. Self preservation aka Self Care & Love, which is always needed. We give what we have to give & if we don’t make sure we have what we need, it makes it difficult to do for others. So, give yourself a random act of kindness today & pay it forward. Gift your neighbor some driveway salt if you notice they didn’t salt their driveway. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you in the line-up at the cafè. Let that other car in the lane. Today, give it all Love, being patient & giving attention to those & what need it most. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & love ❤💫

“It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it.”-Amelia Barr

Happy Motivational Monday! In the famous words of Sam Cooke, “a change gon’ come!” Are you ready?

A friendly reminder on this crisp snowy Monday, that as we grow, we evolve & change. There is a transformative element to change when we make room for it in our lives. Doors & windows can open as we close doors & windows on other things, people, place or activities that are no longer serving their purpose/have completed serving their purpose in our lives.

As we make room for the new changes in our lives, it can get uncomfortable. It can feel foreign & cause you to be unsure about the choices you are making to make that change. Faith it till you make it! Look forward to the unknown with a brave spirit. Easier said than done, I know. I love a good challenge but when the outcomes are unclear & you feel like you’re going into it blindly, you most likely are. You won’t always know or have an idea as to what you’ll get, & that’s life. What we can take comfort in, as I often do, is trust the feeling you have when you make the decision to make the step in change. Do you feel good about the change? Is it keeping with your standards of Self Love, Self Value, & Self Care? A great way that can help you see if the change is right for you, is to list the Pros & Cons of the choice you’re about to make for that change. I was recently reminded of this & while it seems so basic it’s actually really profound. Is the Pro side longer or shorter than the Con side of the list? Depending on which list is longer you can see the benefit of your choice to make the necessary changes in your life & proceed with less apprehension or maybe even none👍🏾.

Trust the process, seek trusted guidance, & make the decision that is right for you. A change gon’ come, as change is the most constant thing in Life. When we make the decision to make the positive changes in our lives that we need to, we open the door (& sometimes window) for the positive opportunities, habits, & people that you need in your life. How will you move forward in confidence when it comes to change? Feel free to share in the comments! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & love ❤💫

“The only thing, constant in the world, is change; that’s why each day I take Life as it comes.” – India Arie

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