Wellness Wednesday! ⚘⚘⚘ Spring is coming!

Happy Wellness Wednesday! ⚘⚘⚘

Spring is coming!

Getting my lil one off to school this morning, I had to take time to stop & smell the roses (tulips in this case). So much morning hustle & bustle, we don’t always have the chance to take in the beauty that’s around us.

Following my morning yoga session & getting ready for school & work, I stopped in my rush to get my daughter off to school to take this photo. While capturing the shot, I realized that it is such a contrast between the slow & steady growth of the tulips next to the school bus ready & waiting to take kids to school & the public transit bus stop where passengers hustle off to start their work day. How many of us would walk right by this scene of beauty & not feel the message of Mother Nature all around us?

What’s the message you ask? That all things have a season. Whether it is now or later on, everything you are going through or went through is preparation for what’s to come. Your experiences are to lead you to your destination, & not in finality but rather to each level along your journey. Take time to stop & smell the roses & be in your Now.

This week I’ve been working on getting up earlier so I can have more time to start my day right, clear minded after some prayer, yoga, & meditation with journalling, & pumped after a nice workout to keep my body strong. This morning, I rose up 5:22am, ready to hit my elliptical when a back spasm hit me right back down. My body said, “Nah girl, not today; let’s slow it down, get your stretching in.” And indeeed I did. I did some well overdue Yoga stretches & my body is feeling better. We may have our own plans, but we also have to listen & observe what’s happening around us & especially to what’s going within. While I want to have this routine down perfectly now, I also understand that growth takes time & I’m okay with that. Plus, I get to take tine to really notice the beauty all around me & within as I grow & blossom into the Peace(ful) Woman that I am. There is a season for everything while we grow.

So on that note, take time to read yourself & surroundings, & do what brings you Peace & joy along your journey. Blooming flowers are so beautiful, don’t you think? Your season to bloom is comong if not already here!

Have a great Spring day my loves😍 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫


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