Tuesday Peace tips: Press Reset

Blessed risings my loves😊

A quick tip for your self-care this Tuesday: know when you need to re-evaluate & do so accordingly. There’s no shame in re-visiting your goals, & your present stance & the path you’re on.

With the pressures of life that we can often feel, sometimes it get us stuck in a rut with a heavy case of woes. Press reset. Take a moment for a deep breath. Breathe in Gratitude. Breathe out anxiety, depressed feelings, & any other weighted feelings that can make you feel stuck. Feel the present moment & make a concious choice to reset your thoughts, refocusing them on what’s important for you right now.

Not sure what’s important right now? Take this moment to reevaluate what is. Redo your starting point without shaming yourself & maintain your lane. We aren’t in a race against anyone else or even yourself, contrary to common belief. All we need to do is what we need to, for ourselves. In doing this we operate from the best point of ourselves, so we can be at our best for others as well.

I recently learned the definition of an Ambivert, someone who likes to be social & meet new people, but alone time is also just as important to this type of person. The need to recharge & reset is crucial to the well being of an Ambivert. I totally identify with this definition, as well as that of an Introvert. I love being with friends, spending time with loved ones, having quality time with my little girl. I also love my alone time too, where I can gather my thoughts, put the day’s happenings into persepctive, journal out any pent-up feelings, & meditate & reason with myself & the Almighty. It helps me sleep easier & prepares me for a new day. I like being around others but I also recognize my need to recharge on my own time, unapologetically. It does wonders for my Inner Peace🙏🏾😊

At any point today or any other day, you feel overwhelmed or unsure of your next step, take a moment to take a deep breath & reset yourself, your mind, your body, & your spirit. It’s all part of the process of regaining & maintaining your Inner Peace. Below are some meditation tips on that help stya focused that you may also find useful. Have a lovely day😊

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫


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