Feel Free Friday: New Moon inspirations🌌

Happy Friday my loves😍

Tonight is the New Moon, a perfect time to set your intentions & list the goals you want to focus on. What are you striving to accomplish? What does your Spirit need right now?

Reshaping my fitness & wellness journey, I am presently working on losing a few pounds & gettting in better shape. Now, when I say “better shape” I’ve come to the realization that this not only in regards to my phyiscal body, but also my mental & spiritual bodies as well. So often we get caught in the looking at one particular thing/action that we feel the need to change & forget that we have a whole self to include in the process as well. In the case of losing weight & creating a lifestyle change, I started out focusing only on diet & exercise. The task of doing this definitely caused me some anxiety because as much as I know daily exercise is important, see the way my life is set up right now….lol….it often feels like I don’t have enough time to get all my adulting done, while being a mom, working full time, participating in my community groups, and all the other things I have on my plate (& food, oh how i love some good food!) I also know that time management & setting realistic goals is key, along with looking at the whole picture & not just snippets. While focussing on one thing at a time is a healthy approach as well, it can stifle you when working on lifeatyle changes if we dont include our full selves in the picture. When we see the glass as half full, we can visiualize our whole self as complete with room for growth at every level, giving attention to what we need to to make that visual more effective & even realistic. That being said, I am formulating my self care plan inclusive of not only regular exercise & healthy eating, but also developing a stronger spiritual routine with morning & evening prayer & meditation, creating a better sleep & waking schedule that can help me accomplish these goals (i.e. one of my goals is to wake up at 5am, sopresently, I am.working on waking up 10-20mins earlier each day until I reach my 5am goal). This can help me think more clearly about what steps I have to take each day to acheive my goals & put the steps into action, understanding it’s a journey that has to begin somewhere, which is right here, in the Now. This New Moon is a great opportunity to give focus to these attainable & realistic goals, putting our positive intentions out to the Universe to be brought back to us in our day to day & help us get closer to acheieving our goals. I am so grateful for coming to this realization again & having the ambition to take the steps needed to create my Life the way I want it🙏🏾.

So, while being mindfull today, let’s pay more attention to what’s in the present moment, remembering our whole selves, & give life & more power to the thoughts & actions that can assist us in reaching our goals & setting new ones to look forward to in the future. It’s all in the works. We just have to create & focus on the full (& realistic) vision.

Have a Peace(ful) & amazing weekend😊 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫


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