Wellness Wednesday: Be in the Now!

It’s a new day! If you felt down yesterday, today is a perfect time to change that. What we felt in the past doesn’t mean we have to feel it in the now. We have the power to change our reality with just a simple thought. When we focus on what we are looking to achieve, we give it life & room to grow. We give it the attention that is needed to thrive & flourish.

There is so much that we miss when we worry about things we can’t change, living in anxiety about the past & worry about the future….I know that stuggle all too well & still struggle with it from time to time. Being human means accepting that we are not perfect but that we strive daily to love in our greatness, to live & love as our best selves.

Today I encourage you as encourage myself to do the same, to live in the present moment & give thanks for the gifts it has to offer. If you find yourself struggling with practicing living in the moment, the easiest & quickest way to get back to the here & now is Gratitude. My favourite way to get rid of anxiety & feel better about things that may not be going as I hoped in my life is to make a Gratitude list. You can make the list in your head or on your phone or in a notebook, or even on a sticky note that you can post somewhere visible, reminding you to always give thanks for what it is that you do have, knowing that you are taking the steps you need to reach your goals & maintain your inner Peace.

Have a blessed day my loves & always remember to love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫


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