Motivational Monday – Big girls & big boys don’t cry! Or do they?🤔

Blessed day my loves😍 I hope we all had productive & restful weekends. Today’s Motivation is to inspire you to let yourself feel what you need to feel so you can be who you need to be on your journey, while expressing gratitude along the journey. If that means tears need to fall every now & again, then so be it. “Tears are the water to the soul,” is what came to me in a meditation one day, & I firmly believe that after a good cry, we rise up with a feverence to keep pushing forward regardless of the circumstances.

The common narrative is that after a certain age or milestone in life, we as adults aren’t supposed to cry unless it’s because of extenuating circumstances. But what about when those feelings of being overwhelmed or being unheard, or hopelessness, or sever confusion? What happens when you can’t feel like you can express yourself? Sometimes the tears are needed to let all those feelings & emotions flow, all the way out. Let it out so you can let it go. I had my moment with that this weekend, when I woke up Sunday morning with tears streaming down my face. Out of no where, I was just sobbing. I’m still not totally sure why I was crying, but for a moment I wanted to stiffle the tears & keep it quiet, didn’t want my daughter to over hear if she was awake. “But when was the last time I had a good cry,” I asked myself. I couldn’t remember, so I just let it out. Silent sobs & warm tears. In that moment of the Sunday morning peace & quiet, whatever needed to get out needed to come out & that it did. And it didn’t last too long but when it was done I felt lighter, releasing what needed to be released & I went right into a deep prayer of thanksgiving for all that I have.

Today, I encourage you to let go of what you need to so you can make room for what you need in your space. Make room for yourself. Feel what you need to. When we block ourselves or others from allowing those feelings to fully be expressed, we inadvertently block ourselves from really examining & understanding what’s going on inside ourselves. Essentially, we avoid. And we all know what happens when we avoid important things: they find a way to make themselves known, & more than likely in ways that are not private for us to manage it as we want to. Outburst of tears in the grocery store aisle? Crying at the sight of a commercial? Triggers seemingly come out of no where & then it’s Niagara Falls on your face. The emotions are there to show us what we need to see about ourselves & our lives so we can address what needs addressing, what needs to stay & what needs relaesing. So, release. A good cry feels like that doesn’t it? A release of what has been building up, and lightening the emotional load you may be feeling so you can face your situations head on. Big girls & big boys do cry. Embrace all of you & do it all with Love.

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & love ❤💫


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