Feel Free Friday!  Free Up yuhself (set yourself free)!

Just like the leaves will fall from the trees as Autumn is approaching (although you wouldn’t know it with this extended Summer weather we’re having; yay global warming😎), we too have to make changes in our lives every now & again to set ourselves up for a new chapter in our lives. Freeing Up Yuhself sometimes includes letting go of things, habits, or even people that no longer serve to our growth & Peace. What does this look like for you today? How will you Free Up Yuhself this weekend?

For me, this weekend will be all about some serious Self Care, as the time to really fill my cup has been long overdue & I am truly looking forward to it😍. Maybe for you it can be taking a long walk, spending time with family & friends, doing a new thing that excites you, or even facing a fear or situation that you have been avoiding that needs to be put to rest. Whatever it is in your Life that needs attention & releasing, approach it in Love, gently giving yourself what you need so you can be at Peace.

So on that note, enjoy the weekend my loves & remember to always Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫


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