Feel Free Friday: Bloom in spite of….

It’s Friday! Feel Free!😁

Bloom in spite of…..

What’s going on around us doesn’t have to determine who we are or how we grow. Inspired by Nature, today’s Feel Free Friday reminder is to be your beautiful & Peaceful self even in the face of wild & unpredictable circumstances. While it can be hard to do sometimes, it’s always a positive thing when we make the honest effort to operate in our greatness.

This week I had some well needed time away from work & took a nice morning walk today. My intention was to find a place in Nature, sit, enjoy rhe sunshine, & write to my heart’s content. Thankfully, I found a nice little parkette & made myself comfortable on a nearby bench. Birds chirping, people out walking their dogs, it was just the perfect setting to release my thoughts & Feel Free. Yet, when I went to write, I couldn’t. The flow of words & ideas weren’t coming together as I hoped😔. I was disappointed, feeling like a perfect moment & setting was wasted because of good ol’ writers’ block. After 20mins & many scrapped writings, I decided to walk it off & maybe the walk home would inspire me somehow. 5mins from the parkette, thankfully Mother Nature showed me there is much to inspire us all around. The picture featured here is of some wild flowers growing in the midst of a construction site. At first I picked a couple to put in a water when I got home, but stepping back & admiring the lovley lilac purple amongst the green weeds & dusty surroundings from the construction work, I was inspired😊Our surroundings (life experiences, circumstances) may be rugged but that doesn’t have to stunt our growth, dim our beauty, or disrupt our Inner Peace. Just like these flowers, we can focus on the light, surround ourselves with positive & supportive network, & Feel Free to bloom in spite of what’s going on around us. 🌱🌺 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ❤💫

“Happiness is a quality of the soul…not a function of one’s material circumstances.” -Aristotle


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