Motivation Monday: Every little step we take👣

Happy Monday & welcome back to the start of a new week😊

The Full Moon last night was beautiful, wasn’t it? If you didn’t get a chance to see it, that’s okay, it’s light shone on you too😘As the Full Moon has appeared & a new week has begun, let’s stay motivated to continue working towards our goals, whatever they may be, letting go of old nuances & allowing ourselves to appreciate every little step we take towards them.

In the energy of August’s last Full Moon until the Fall season, we are encouraged to release all that is no longer for us in our best interests, take comfort in knowing we continue to make it through, & being able set new goals (or make amendments to previous ones that need further attention).

If there’s anything I’ve learned from doing New & Full moon rituals is that we must take time to acknowledge the accomplishments we’ve made along our journeys. When we focus on things we haven’t done yet, we lose sight of the pieces we have that are paving the way for us to get to the goals we’ve set.

In gratitude, may we allow ourselves to honour & give thanks for the accomplpishments we have made along the way. There is so much Peace in that, knowing & accepting we are continued works in progress, always striving towards our best selves, no matter how big or small the strides are. We’re still moving forward & will get where we need to be.

Through it all, always remember to Love yourself & be yourself. Have a great day my love😘Peace & Love ♡☆


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