Thoughtful Thursday: How do you deal with anxiety🤔

Blessed Thoughful Thursday my loves!

How do you deal with anxiety?

I often get asked this question & my first reply is to breathe. That is truly the first thing I do, is take a deep breath & get centered. It helps reduce the heart rate, clear the mind of the rambling that tends to happen when you’re anxious, & help you proceed with a much more calm demeanor. If it’s an anxious moment while alone, you know those times when we are in our minds replaying the mistakes we’ve made or perceived failures, after taking that deep breath I like to change my focus to the lessons learned from those situations that were less favourable, & start a gratitude list. Whether in my head or in my journal, I make a list of all the things, people, places, etc, that I am grateful for & send out a short prayer of thanksgiving into the Universe. When I’m done, whatever my worries were before that moment look a whole lot smaller & less burdensome. Gratitude works wonders!😍

Here are some other helpful tips for managing anxiety you can try:

-going for a short walk for some fresh air if you can;

-play your favorite song that makes you feel good;

-schedule yourself for an exercise class at your gym or local community centre (some are free of charge or included with gym memberships!);

-try a free meditation app for guided meditations;

-vent to a trusted friend or family member;

These are a just a few ideas but all of which I also do that I xan say are very helpful when those stressful days try toget the best of me. Let me know what you what works for you! Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section 😊

Many times we get caught up in the hardships we’ve experienced, the mistakes we’ve made, the times when we missed the marks, etc. Our minds run a muck in the muck & get stuck (lol didn’t plan the rhyme lol), & we lose sight of all we have to be grateful for. Today, something I am grateful for are you my readers, & the gift of writing to be able to bring these reminders & messages to you. How do you manage anxiety? What are you grateful for today?

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆


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