Motivation Monday: Operate in your greatness👑

Motivation Mondays

Although we are grateful for the start of another week, the I-HATE-MONDAYS attitude is so tempting, especially after the beautiful weather we had. Nonetheless, here we are. Today’s motivation reminder for today & the week ahead: Operate in your greatness. Whatever this life throws at you, whatever this week has in store, always remember to function from a place that includes your best self. When we do that, we can offer better solutions to our problems, give more optimism where there may be pessimism, & Love where it seems Love is not possible (but it truly always is).

I had a reminder of this principle this recently & I’m so thankful for it. Life has challenges & it always will. The more difficult they are the more we can slip into dark places that have us thinking thoughts we wouldn’t normally think or behaving in ways we wouldn’t normally behave. As much as I know & write about Peace, there are some things that throw me off & get under my skin. It’s called being human. What I remind myself is that it’s okay to feel how I feel & to not judge myself for it. That being said, know the signs of when you are heading to the darker side & look for ways to get out of it. Listen to an inspirational song (Chronixx’s “I Can” is my anthem right now). Read a positive quote or a good book. Surround yourself with people who Love you & have your best interests at heart, because even though it can be tempting to isolate yourself during these times, being alone in those dark thoughts or spaces is not healthy. Do something, anything, that will take you to a better place & space to uplift you, putting yourself in a clearer headspace & allow you to Operate in your greatness♡ Have a great week my loves😘 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”- Maya Angelou


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