Wellness Wednesday: Missing the mark….🤔

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Missing the mark….

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend & the mommies had a lovely day with their families😍I am truly grateful for the gift of Motherhood, my daughter is such a huge motivation for me to stay on my A game & to forgive myself when I’m not. The New Moon cycle has begun. What goals are you looking forward to this month? Whatever they are, whatever your present position is on your journey is, let positive & Peace(ful) vibes lead you.

Recently, I missed my mark. I had every intention to have my homemade Brown sugar scrubs ready with new scents for Mother’s Day gifting & sales. I didn’t. Life happens & when your plate is full some things tend to slip off until you get a chance to collect them. Thankfully, yesterday was the start of the New Moon cycle & I was so happy to make use of the positive vibes & prepare my New Moon List. Early Tuesday morning I woke up & wrote out my list of goals & held a smudge & prayers later that night to ward off any negativity. The whole process reminded me that our journey towards to our goals are that: journeys! As with any adventure there will dips & turns, highs & lows. What is to be at that time will be. So sure, some of my prior goals are not met yet, but each day I make a step closer to them, & each idea I put into action, whether big or small, helps me to further accomplish my goals. That being said, I continue to meet amazing people along the way that continue to encourage me & show me support, reminding me to love myself through it all. I’ve even made new friends that have become like family along this journey, so I am truly grateful.

I hope my story can remind you to be gentle with yourself. I often remind myself of this too. When I miss a mark & feel the anxiety starting to rise up in me, I take a breath & say to myself, “No need in beating yourself up; what is for you will always be for you; there is something more that you need before you can make this next step, so just be patient.” Besides, the obstacles are really just stepping stones to your greater good😊 so keep your head up & aim for the stars!

Have a blessed Wellness Wednesday my loves! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“Missing the mark is one of the ways in which we learn to hit the target.”- Eric Butterworth


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