Motivation Monday: Happy New Year!

Good morning loves! Happy New Year & Happy Monday!

I hope everyone is keeping warm & travelling safely today, albeit slowly. Please don’t rush anywhere today folks!You can’t be late twice! P.S. Please dial 311 if you see someone in the city today (or at anytime this Winter) in need of a warm place to be❤

As the second week of 2018 has begun, I have been seeing a common theme lately in social media posts & on conversation with folks. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I see that Self Care/Self Love seem to be the narrative for 2018, & you know I am 100% here for it! In our every day to day lives we temd to give most of ourselves to our jobs, careers, kids, & those we have intimate relationships with that we often tend to miss the mark when it comes to taking care of us. I would love to hear what Self Care rituals & actions of Self Love that you are working to apply this year. Hit me up in the comments!

That being said, I realize that in 2017, my own Self Care wasn’t where it needed to be. I was definitley putting some actions to practice such as home Spa nights, making time for exercise & relaxation, taking moments for myself & not letting guilt make me cut that time short to do things for others that could wait a few minutes….I was doing this, but not daily or weekly. I would fall off the wagon, feel bad for a bit then hop back on. This will happen this year too as this is the way of life, those lovely ebbs & flows. I embrace that. What I won’t embrace however, is the negative self talk that rears its ugly head when I feel like I’ve failed myself. This is what keeps me in the funk of feeling stagnant longer than I want to be.

As we know, everyday is a new day to do better than before. Part of my Self Care is to wake up early as part of my Wholistic routine to take the time to feed my Spirit, exercise my body, & clear my mind to be filled with love & positivity for the day. There once was a time where I would wake up by 5am, meditate & do yoga, then write an uplifitng post for the day. Life happens & this was one routine that changed for me as my priorities had changed. Even still I was making efforts to wake up early & do vigorous exercise, but becoming a single mother adds a whole new pressure to life & with that, my levels of exhaustion were higher & even the thought of waking up early to do a heavy sweat workout was tiring enough to make push the snooze button more than I want to admit. Sleeping in became GOLD! But I am tired of being tired now & realize that with some small changes I can make time to Love me the way I need to be Loved. Instead of doing high intensity workouts in the early morning, I am waking up gently to freshen up, meditate, yoga & journal it all out. Last week I did this & felt the pressure of “needing” to exercise heavily all the time melt away & these words came: “This is the time you have carved out for yourself; this is your definition of Self Love. Breathe & embrace this moment.” It feels good & I will keep it going. This helps keep me in a more positive frame of Self when negative or unfavorable things happen. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally be able to do that yoga handstand I’ve been wanting to master for a while now 😍I’ll get there & I hope the same for you, that whatever it is in Love that you need to do for yourself that you do so & Love yourself through it 😊
Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love♡☆

“This is the time you have carved out for yourself; this is your definition of Self Love. Breathe & embrace this moment.” – LadyDee


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