Wellness Wednesday: Diamond in the rough◇

Happy Wellness Wednesday !

I hope this day finds you in good spirits. I know it’s been a while since I’ve wirtten as I’m taking some time away to work on some other projects, but I haven’t forgotten you my loves! Back today this crisp Wednesday morning with a dose of Wellness inspiration 😊 Embrace every step of your journey. Some parts may be easier to get through than others but those moments that are tough & trying, dark & scary, these are our moments that are polishing us to shine.

Today’s quote came to my mind while I was thinking not only about my own journey in Life & the daily work it is to maintain a calm & Peace(ful) state, but also of those around me. It reminded me that every day we all face something that will test our boundaries, that tests our patience, to the next level. It’s these tests & times of uncertainty that we are being groomed for the next level of our lives. Without these ebbs & flows, we wouldn’t really learn the important aspects of life that we need, like forgiveness, & discipline for example. Embracing every step of your journey will help you to learn those important lessons & be the light in the dark to teach others. Treat others kindly for you never know the battle they are facing, & remember to love yourself through your struggles.

Be well today everyone, even if it’s just one positive thing you say to yourself to get you through, keep saying it, keep doing it. Your light will shine bright & you will find you ARE the Diamond in the rough. ♡ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

p.s. there’s still time to order your Love Yourself Be Yourself Package! The early bird discount is still in effect until Dec.14th so email myself at davis.danielle62@gmail.com or Janiece McIntosh from Fabuphit at fabuphitted@gmail.com & get your orders in! Proceeds are going a great cause in time for the holidays!


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