☆☆☆Take Care of yourself while helping others: the Love Yourself Be Yourself Packages are here!☆☆☆

The holidays are around the corner & tis the season for giving! On that note, Peace(ful) Project @ladydeeempress (IG) is teaming up with Fabuphit @fabuphit (IG) to give back to those in need in our community this season. The Love Yourself – Be Yourself Package will be on sale as of Nov. 25th – Dec. 22nd just in time for the holidays, with 50% of the funds raised being donated to Nellie’s Women’s Shelter which has recently had an influx of women & children in need in recent weeks due to other local shelter closings. Full of homemade goodies to aid you on your inner Peace journey, contents include brown sugar body scrub, lavendar bath salts, room sprays & more! (see below for full details)

Order before Dec. 14th for a small package at $15 or a large package for $25 & orders made after Dec. 14th will be $20 for the small package & $30 for the large, so get ’em while they’re hot! Packages are made to order with free delivery. 50% of the funds raised will be donated to Nellie’s Woman’s Shelter Let’s work together to help those in need while cultivating your inner Peace.

Contact me at davis.danielle62@gmail.com and Janiece McIntosh at fabuphitted@gmail.com for more details and submit your orders! Pre-orders now available! *payment methods accepted: online banking & cash*

Package contents:

The Love Yourself – Be Yourself package (small) – $15:
Room spray: Your choice of Eucalyptus and Rose or Lavender and Rose
1 jar of Brown suagr body scrub (vanilla scented)
1 jar of lavendar bath salts
2 beeswax candles

The Love Yourself -Be Yourself package (large)- $25:
Room spray: Eucalyptus and Rose, Lavender and Rose
2 jars of Brown suagr body scrub (your choice of vanilla, chocolate, eucalyptus, tea tree, or lavendar scents)
2 jars of lavendar bath salts
Facial Toner: Witch Hazel and Rose Water
4 beeswax candles
Sage for smudges (instructions included)


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