Motivation Monday! Just a little Love

Happy Monday loves!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend & were able to keep cool in spite of sweltering temperatures. Today’s Motivation Monday is in continuation of Friday’s video (posted on my FB page) as a reminder to give yourself Love. If we can see the value in loving others, then we must also see the value in loving ourselves. It gets tough sometimes when we don’t see ourselves as lovable but we are! And who knows you better than you?!

Lately, I’ve been giving myself some serious reminders to do this for myself. I recently updated my Vision Board wall with new sticky notes as my daily reminders of loving things to tell myself throughout the day. I’m a visual learner & this is my way of creatively putting my advice into my own practice. Below are some Self Love tips & practices that you may also find useful:

1. Develop some positive affirmations.
Tell yourself you are beautiful! Look in the mirror & say 3 good things about yourself. What are the features you love the most about yourself? Some of my favourite affirmations are: I am enough; I am worthy of love; I am centered, peaceful, & grounded; I am peace. You can say these at anytime of the day when you need a boost. With a deep breath, these & any others you may find most specific to your needs can help recharge you & remind you that you are worthy of your Love!

2. Make time for you!
The most common excuse I hear when speaking to my group of friends & colleagues is “I just can’t seem to find time for myself!” Hunny, you gotta make time! If we can make time for the kids, the spouses, other commitments we have to our loved ones, friends, & responsibilities, then we must priortize ourselves too! I struggle with this also, & have to force myself sometimes to take even 10mins to slow down after a busy day, sip some tea, & take a moment to re-center. I’m getting better at it, recognizing when I’m not feeling like myself or depleted so I can really carve in that self care time.Try taking a hot bath after a long day, or going for a walk or jog on a mild evening. Get into a good book you’ve been putting off. These and other activities can help you take some time to feel good about just being you & that putting yourself first is just as important as prioritizing other responsibilities.

3. Spending time with pther who love you.
This is probably one of the best ways to practice self love. By spending time with those who love you & want the best for you, you increase your happy hormones! You get a boost in confidence & remember that you are loved! Take im a movie with your bestie. Meet a lose relative for coffee or lunch (at home or in a cafe). Organize a Games Night & have some folks over for some good ol’ fashioned fun! These things not only help keep you surrounded by Love, but also keep you light-hearted & puts stress aside if even for a little while, keeping you focused on something positive.

Find what works for you & incorporate it into your every day life. You are worth it! You deserve it! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆


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