Feel Free Friday: “You can’t heal what you don’t reveal.”-Jay-Z.

Greetings ♡

What a powerful New Moon that was Monday night after eclipse, wasn’t it? After doing some research, I learned that the part of the Total Solar Eclipse’s significance is to symbolize unearthing & revealing, healing & inner Peace. Add the fact that is was also a New Moon, there was much that revealed itself to me that night. After a good smudge, prayer, & meditation, I took to my notebook to write out my New Moon list to help determine my goals for this moon cycle (a New Moon list is a way to set your intentions & goals for that particular moon cycle as the moon cycles have the power to move tides, keep nature aligned, & does the same for us as humans on a spiritual level; visit https://thesoulintention.blog/2014/03/29/new-moon-wishing-instructions/ for more details; note that some of these are stricter than my own practice but I have found that even writing the list before the next Full Moon is just as effective as writing the list on the day of or after the New Moon). Thankfully, the words flowed easily as I took the time to delve in & reveal truths to myself about myself that I needed to see.

You see, inner Peace doesn’t just come from wanting inner Peace.

Just like with your home for example, you have to take the time to declutter & clean up so you can see what needs to stay & what needs to go. I’m sure you notice how much clearer & more peaceful you feel after a good house cleaning. Light some incense & it’s on! (lol sorry, I get excited about new & calming scents).

As the quote I posted says, in order to heal you have to reveal. Dig a little deeper & see what you find that has been suppressed, things that you thoight you healed but still itch you in your Spirit. Reveal to yourself (& maybe even someone you trust) the things that need to be brought to your forefront. A New Moon list can help you examine your wants & necessities of your Life, bringing you closer to your truest & best version of yourself, & to your Inner Peace. Not only do you make the New Moon list, you keep it with you, whether physically or mentally (I like to take pictures of mine so I have it handy whenever I need it), & live as though the goals on the list have already taken place. Give it gratitude & put in the action needed to reach those goals. By the next Full Moon, you can look back & see what was accomplished & what needs more work. Then, burn the list! Release the ashes into your garden or air or wherever there is a space of Peace for you, further revealing your truth & intentions to the Unvierse. What you put out is what you get back.

Now, if you didn’t get to make a list for this cycle, it’s okay. There will be another New Moon on September 20th 2017.

As the Full Moon approaches on September 6th 2017, you can still make your list, or simply remind yourself daily of what you’d like to accomplish & work on, applying gratitude & love along the way, preparing you for the next cycle.

Have a blessed weekend everyone! See you next week! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love♡☆


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