Motivation Monday: “When life gets too loud, listen to yourself.” -Shopper’s Drug Mart ad, 2017

Make the time to take care of you. As we are adulting(as they say these days), we forget that we need to take care of our source, of us, mind, bodyn, & Spirit.

It is a daily work for me as well. My recent visit to my Chiropractor & Massage therapist (after a 3yr absence) reminded me of how crucial it is to balance out your life with time to rest & delving into ourselves. In this, we find the Peace that we forget we inately have to help us time of inner & outter chaos. “Remember yourself,” he said, & today I give you that same reminder, along with the quote in the title, to you to to listen to yourself. Those aches & pains, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical (maybe all 3)are a definite sign that you need some TLC.

Tonight, I’ll be rolling out the trusty Yoga mat, with some sage & incense to bring it all back into sync, & keep the creative juices flowing!

What activities do you like to do to bring the Peace & balance back to your life? Hit me up in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. Have a great Monday! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆


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