Motivation Monday: If it’s not one thing…..

Greetings loves!

How many times have we faced an obstacle or road block in life & mutter these words: “If its not one thing, it’s another.” And the saying is very true. If it’s not on thing that’s not going as planned, it’s something else that is happening that you didn’t plan at all, & that other thing might very well suck, too. But, what if we look at that “one thing & the other” with eyes of optimism? What if we look at that road block or obstacle as a moment in our lives that forces us to do something different & better for ourselves?

The life theme that I’ve been encountering a lot lately is Forgiveness.  Not only personally but in the lives of those around me that I am close with. Forgiveness has largely been the underlying concept in the way in which we give negative situations a more optimistic & positive outlook. Releasing ourselves of the burdens of the wrongs done to us or that we have done to ourselves, opens that door for positivity & optimism. This in turn makes it a great starting point to view that “one thing or the other” thing as a place in which you get to decide how to make not so ideal situation work for you. And of course, in that space lives Faith. We must have Faith. Whether we practice a specific religion or not, it’s important to operate in a knowingness that the Universe will provide for us what we give to it. Give it confidence, give it your will to survive & pull through whatever it is that you’re struggling with, turning that negative place into a stepping stone to your greatness. It’s definitley a process & you’ll have moments where you slip into periods of vexation that feel like they’ll last forever. Be patient with yourself & little by the little, the more positive energy you give yourself & the situation you find yourself in, things will turn around for your Peace. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆ 

“Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.”-unknown 


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