Feel Free Friday: Look on the bright side!


It’s another cold one today folks I hope everyone is able to keep warm 🙂 As this weather may have suprised some of us (all this warm days tricked us into thinking Spring was close but Mother Nature said, “Ha!”), Life too can do the same.  We may think we have it all together, & we just might, then Life says, “Ha! Here is something to shake it up a bit!” It may be something pleasant or not so pleasant. Whatever it is, there is something new to see, something new to learn. It brings us into an awareness of what truly matters & what needs your attention, like 2 pairs of socks instead of one today….brrrrr! What is shaking up your life right now & bringing you to an awareness?

As I sat on the GO Train writing this the other morning, the train ahead of us hit a truck & many of us were going to be late getting to our destinations.Thankfully no one was hurt. Talk about the unexpected! Life definitley throws us curve balls. I know some folks on the trian were most concerned with the fact that they would be late for work or wherever they’re headed for the day. Definitley not ideal to be late for work, but when Life throws you a curve, you have to roll with it. I began to take advantage of the opportunity to write this dor Wednesday when the delay was happening, but after going to bed late the night before, sleep got the better of me & I decided to take a nap. Needless to say, I didnt get to finish my write-up after & arriving to work an hour late I stayed hard on the grind all day. We all arrived safely to their destinations & the tracks were safe for our travels home later that day. 

Looking on the bright side has always been something I am known for. Optimism in tough times, in those moments when your life is turned upside down & the unexpected happens, it benefits us to not only examine what is going on & acknowledge the feelings that come with it, but to also examine what’s on the other side of it. We can then see what we have to do to make the best of the situation. Dwelling on the pissosity (thanks for that word Iyanla!) only magnifies it. It blinds us to the solutions to heal ourselves from the inner turmoil that can come with the those unexpected (or even the expected) moments that threaten our Peace. 

Becoming a single mother definitley shook my life up & definitely threatened my Peace. It’s a constant daily work to look on the bright side & stay optimistic as this is something that I defnitley didn’t plan for. Life happens. 

Focusing on the positive in this unexpected situation (alongside prayer & encoragement from supportive family & friends) is what helps in the quiet down times when my mind & emotions have their fights. Most importantly, I have a gorgeous 7yr old daughter that looks up to me & loves me unconditionally. I have her to be an example for, to show her that we can be strong & face changes with optimism. Some days are not easy but we get through them together. She maintains a relationship with her father & we co-parent, but adjusting to separation has its tough moments. Channeling my energy into positive tasks, like my work with Peaceful Project for instance, as well as being the best mom, woman, & friend that I can be is what I have learned to embrace. One of the positive things that has developed from this experience is that my daughter & I have an even closer relationship. Creating positive habits is soemthing that is very important to both of us, with Girls Time being a time.we developed for us in the evenings before bed. After homework, dinner, a bit of free time, & showering, we spend time together sharing our experiences from the day, coloring, doing meditation, or just snuggling up with our favorite show & popcorn until lights out. It isn’t always easy to make this time with all the day to day responsibilities, but we try to make an effort to do something together each evening. It gives her something to look forward to at home outside of the regular routine, that even though there have been changes, there are still good & happy things to look forward to. Facilitating & maintaining as much balance & consistency in her life helps me to do the same in my own, & reminds me that there is good in everything. Rolling with the curves & waves of Life instead of fighting the tides makes it a bit easier to deal. It has definitley put things into greater perspective &  made aware of strengths I didn’t know I had.

For this weekend, my hope for each of you reading this is to face whatever obstacles that present themselves with optimism & positive attitudes. It’s okay to feel like “this is effed up!” It’s okay to be angry & feel pissed off. Just don’t stay there. Don’t let it blind you to what good lies beyond the heartache, to what lies beyond the pain or despairs. This weekend, we will doing plenty of Girls Time activities to keep strengthening our close bond. Plus it’s fun! What activities do you have that help bring you back to that Peaceful & clearer minded state? Whatever you face this weekend or are currently facing, make a pact with yourself to think of at least one thing that will help keep you in your Peace.

Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

p.s. Today will be my last post for a little while. Taking some of my own inspiration, I need some time to fully replenish & refresh myself. That being said, for some time I will occasionally send Dailies so you will see me but not weekly. Thank you for reading & continued love & encouragement. I love you♡♡♡


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