Motivation Monday: “The grass always looks greener….until you get there & see it’s Astro turf…”-Karen Salmansohn

Greetings & Welcome back!

The grass always looks greener….

Another week has arrived & the cold weather greets us again; please bundle up & keep warm out there today. The title of today’s post kind of gives it away, but there is always something deeper. Many times we seek things outside of ourselves to bring us Peace, to give us what we need to feel better about our lives. What about internally? What work on the inside needs to take place? 

How many times have we said to ourselves, “Well once I get this job, I’ll be better off,” or “When I get this car I’ll do even more,” or When I lose this weight….” & so on & so on. We simplify our circumstances to materials or situations that exist on the outside of where we are, glorfying the outcome, forgetting that that job may come with more responsibilty & take more out of you than expected. The car requires insurance & maintenance. Losing weight requires hard work & eventually a new warddrobe (which is nice but why not love the curves while doing what is healthy for you overall?). Without seeing the bigger picture, we often get lost in the fantasy of the what-ifs.

For a long time, I was guilty of this. I know many of us are, & when you’re naive to certain relaities, you don’t see that the real issues aren’t what’s going on outside of you, the lack of belongings or accomplishments on paper, but it’s more of what is going on on the inside that makes you feel you need to fill a void with something external. That peace with yourself, where ever you are in life is crucial during these times, as well as gratitude. Something that helped put things into perspective was making gratitude lists. I don’t do them daily now, but I make a point to find at least 3-5 things daily to be grateful for. It helped me realize that I really do have a lot & all I need. The worrying & wishing for more to get to my Peaceful state always made the goal seem farther & farther away, as something external only lasts for so long or will only bring temporary gratification. 

I had to take time & replenish my own garden, nuture my own soil, plant the right seeds. It’s no easy feat that’s for sure, & as with any garden, it’s on ongoing process, to prune & preen the vegetaion & growth. But that is the real work. Once that is being done, wishing for outside things to come in and make things better, looking at other situations thinking tha is better & will be better for you, will become less & less important. Not only will you need less from outside, but the right externals that you need will be attracted to you & make your expeirences at in your own garden even that much more special & meaningful to you. Your light will truly shine bright as it should, & you will feel content with that, with who & where you are, knowing that growth in yourself is the true desire & not acquisition of outside materials. 

How does your Spiritual garden look? Are there some weeds sprouting? Are you noticing some seeds you’ve planted havent started growing or are stunted? Maybe the soil is under-nourished. Take some time to water your garden with some gratitude & self acceptance. Give the soil a stress break & let some more sunshine in. See the difference some TLC can mke in keeping your own grass & garden greener. 

Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love♡☆

“Start where ayou are. Distant fields always look greener, but opportunity lies right where you are. Take advantage of every opportunity of service.”- Robert Collier


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