Wellness Wednesday: The Day of the Woman


Today is International Women’s Day! In honor of all us women across the globe, today’s Wellness Wednesday is dedicated to us! For all those times we feel like we aren’t enough, for the times when we feel like we are not being heard, like we are disadvantaged, we are enough! We have voices that deserve to be heard, we have hearts that deserve to be loved, Spirits that deserve Peace & Love. We are capable of so much & should believe in our abilities to do so!

Today’s feature for International Women’s Day is Maya Angelou. An exceptional woman that did not let fear hold her back from pursuing her goals & doing the work needed to achieve them, she is definitley an inspiration for me. In the early Wonter months, my daughter & I read the junior version of her biography. I learned some powerful things about Ms. Angelou that I hadn’t known before. Something very intriguing for me was her 5yr silence after being abused by a family member. She endured something that unfortunately many of us women can relate to & her way of protecting herself was to withdraw into herself.  How many of us do that? We silence ourselves in the face of pains, in the face of adversities, in the presence of others that we think are on a higher level than us & we can’t possibly match up. But after those years of silence, after writing & reading every book she could get her hands on, she emerged as this confident person that knew so much about herself & was ready to follow her heart the best way she knew how: writing. She of course went on to write many notable works such as I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, partcipated as an activist in the Civil Rights movements, wrote plays and scripts, newspaper articles, all while being a mother & embracing her womanhood. 

Like Ms. Angelou & so many other women, we juggle so many hats & tasks, while doing our best to keep a smile on our faces. We do for our families & we are so capable of so many awesome things. I have drawn inspiration not only from Maya Angelou but so many other women, many that I know personally & espcially from my mother, of whom I was too young to remember, but feel her Love & Spirit of ambition flowing through me daily. 

In honor of all the women who inspire me, today, I remind myself to Love myself & be myself, honoring the awesome womanly attributes that make me Me, & all of us women wonderfully made! 

What will you do today to honor the Woman you are? For the men, what will you do to honor the women in your life? 

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“The woman who survives intact & happy must have convinced herself, or be in the unending process of convincing herself, that she, her values, & her choices are important.”-Maya Angelou 


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