Feel Free Friday!


Happy Feel Free Friday! 
This weather sure has us on our toes eh? Two days ago we could be in a light jacket & today it’s back to double up everything. I hope everyone can keep warm today ♡ 
In follow up to my post last week about decluttuering, as promised I have posted visuals on my blog to show you my transformations. From cluttered to neat, take a look & see what is now my more neat & Peaceful space. Hopefully it will inspire you to tackle a messy space, internally & externally. It has definitley made more space for my inner Peace & I feel more calm & relaxed in my space. It took some time to do but once it was done the feeling of calm was actually tangible. For my wind down, I lit some candles, burned some Saje incense oils, & watched something funny. A good laugh definitely helped keep the energy light & needless to say I had a great sleep. 

Waking up in a neat & reorganized space does wonders for the Spirit. As we know, our surroundings definitly impact the way we think & feel. For weeks before I reorganized, I was feeling somewhat off track & disorganized. I was able to do what needed to be done form day to day, but anything much more than that took more energy mentally than I’d like to admit. But since I re-did my spaces, I’m able to think clearer & meditate better. I encourage you if you haven’t already, to make some time to reorganize your space. Feel the difference of having some more clean & free space, in your environment & your Spirit. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“Every room has a mood or personality…and it is this that one desires to develop.”-Eleanor Brown


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