Motivation Monday: Something beautiful…

​Greetings om this cold Monday morning♡

For the last Motivation Monday of Jan. 2017, I’ll leave you with some simple words that also helped me maintain some peace this weekend: it can be scary but it can also be beautiful. 

Have you ever watched a spider spin a web? Not me, I’m a self proclaimed arachnaphobe & a dangling spider is part of my worst nightmare (go ahead, you can laugh). There are times, however, that I admire a full web(empty of course), & it’s delicate perfection. It amazes me how the spider takes the time to spin its own web with material from its own body, taking the time to weave it with precision. A timely & difficult process, yes, but the dedicatiom required to accomplish the end result is inspiring. 

As human beings, we go through difficult experiences, someyimes painful, always challenging, propelling us to do things that may seem scary to get to our beautiful end result: us becoming our best versions of ourselves. We build our strength & look back at our path with appreciation for the work we put put in to get where we are. The process may be scary, it may push us to deal with tight corners or tricky positions, just like the spider spinning its web, but in that comes the beautiful outcome. We will have knowledge from the lessons learned that we need to progress through our lives with a clearer perspective, prepared to accept the results of the work out in.

I still have a fear of spiders, yes, but I definitely have a better appreciation for them (espcially in the summer when they catch the flys & mosquitos). Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆


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