Motivational Monday: It’s okay to press reset sometimes…


I hope you’re all keeping warm this morning (wow it’s bitterly cold today)! But nevertheless we are here & grateful for it 🙂 One thing about Winter is that it’s a season for taking time to build & regroup. It’s a season to store up & prepare for the newness of Spring. Whatever it is that you are taking the time to work towards, don’t give up! It will manifest when the time is right. 

As January has hit the mid week, some of us who practice New Year’s resolutions, this is around the time that momentum slows down & we start to fall off track. This is especially true if we haven’t done much to meet the goals we have set. Instead of getting down on yourself about any shortcomings or setbacks, look at it like this: when things don’t go as planned, reset & try again. Maybe there need to be some tweaks to your plan that can help make things run more smoothly. Maybe you need to scrap it all together & make a new plan.  This weekend I thought about how I missed the gym for the last two weeks. I went one day to a class but work was so busy I just couldn’t get away. Of course, I felt bad, like I’m never going to do this the way I see it happening in my mind. Then I caught myself & reminded myself that the important work is from the inside. Thinking of all the meditation I’ve been doing more lately, I felt better knowing that I was doing something good for myself, & not only what I had planned. 

So today, I encourage you to Love yourself through it all & readjust where need be. There’s no shame in that, especially when you’re being honest with yourself & those around you. Have a happy Monday! Peace & Love ♡☆ 


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