Feel Free Friday: Live your life!

​Greetings & Happy Friday!

Live your Life!

The end of the week is just a few hours away! Today’s Feel Free Friday is short & sweet, following up on the last point in the 3-point theme for this week. Live! We have forgiven, we have felt & examined our feelings, & now we can Live! The freedom of living our lives is crucial to the human experience & in that we can look past the barriers & bars we trap ourselves in to emotionally & spiritually & Feel Free to Live!

On Monday, we examined the importance of forgiveness & how it promotes that inner healing from hirts & disappointments. It prepares us to look closely at our feelings & on Wednesday, we looked at how to examine & let go. We looked at how to neutralize the negatives with positives so that we can live life with more balance. Clearing our slates, today, we look forward to Living! Focus on the things we can do, the dreams we want to reach, the people we want to give to, & all that our life’s purpose has in store for us! What have you been putting off for some time that needs your attention? Where have you been wanting to go but don’t seem to have the time or money? Whatever it is, start making those plans & let Life Flow! 

I hope you all enjoy your weekends! See you again soon! Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“How can I forget there’s just one life & so much to do. Let me choose the best things to do & start to do.”Chetan M. Khumbar


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