Motivational Monday!

​Happy Monday!

Welcome to another week  & to the second Motivational Monday of 2017:-) The theme for this week’s motivation is to Forgive, Feel, & Live. Today, we look at Forgiveness. Something known but always good for a reminder. We often forget to do this when we feel jilted or hurt, but the greatest power that encourages healing is to forgive: yourself & others. 

What in your life requires the healing touch of forgivenes? As human beings we tend to think we are giving the person or situation power over us because we are giving them or it forgiveness. We think we are allowing a pass for the hurt they or it caused, that there is a freedom for the pain to be done again or that it is of no consequence. But, forgiveness is not always for the person or situation you give it to, yet, it is always for you. It gives you the freedom to examine the hurt & decide to let go. Release the tension & let it go. I know first hand this can be very difficult to say the least. As much as I am a forgiving person, sometimes it is sticky, especially when the hurt runs deep. And this goes for forgiving yourself too. In times when we have done something unfavorable, we must be forgiving of ourselves too so we can see & learn the lessons in order to move forward. You will definitely regain your Peace once you do♡

This flows into the Feeling, which we will explore more of on Wellness Wednesday. What we feel: how long should we stay in our feelings when we are upset? 

So today ask yourself: what needs forgiveness in your life? Whatever it is, I encourage you to face it & forgive it. It will do wonders for your life! Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆


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