Motivational Monday: You are now free!


Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Motivational Monday of 2017! Wow what a year 2016 was! Thankfully we made it into a new year (& sending condolences for the families & loved ones of those who didn’t). In light of a new year marking fresh starts, my encouragment to you is to be free! From my Positive Box yesterday, the phrase that I picked (randomly) was “You are now free!” How profound was this as we begin another year, let’s free ourselves of what whas been holding us back, & propel into the newness that awaits us! 

I don’t do the new year resolution thing. It usually lasts for a maximun of 3 months & by April, it’s a free for all. Throw it to the wall &  whatever sticks, sticks. But this year, I am feeling like Fresh starts is the theme, as a way of freeing ourselves from the prisons we have built for ourselves, mentally, physically, & spiritually.

Whether it’s physical, like that weight loss goal that you beat yourself up for falling short on, or the career goal that seems to be out of your reach; or maybe it’s past memories that are getting in your way, self discouragement & fear of defeat. Whatever it may be, You are now free! Allow yourself the freedom to love yourself, to be good to yourself, always, all ways, & unapologetically.  

For 2017, I am making a point to let go of things, ideas, & habits that have not served me well & make my path clear for all that uplifts me & brings me Joy. For the blog, I am super excited as there will be some new changes & updates that will bring more life into Peaceful Project, so stay tuned!!!

So feel the freeness of life & al it has to offer you, & move forward in your greatness. I have a feeling that 2017 has plenty of great things in store 🙂 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆


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