Wellness Wednesday: “Fitness, health, & beauty”♡

​Good morning ♡

Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday 🙂 Remember last week when we spoke on how to Honor your story? Well, this past Sunday, I was given an opportunity to honor my own story through connecting with other women who also shared their own stories with me & each other. I was welcomed to interview the lovely Janiece McIntosh, owner of Fabu Phit, a Spa that caters to women’s needs in terms of health, fitness, & inner & outer beauty, all from a holistic perspective & approach. Sunday’s Pop-Up Spa at Nanni’s Natural Hair Studio was defintely a mix of all these, from hair & make-up, to massages & sharing stories about Life, where we have been, where we are, & where we want to go. 

When I walked into the salon, I had some nervousness as this is the first time I have done something like this with Peace(ful) Project. I hardly had an idea of what to expect, but what I experienced surpassed any expectations I did have. The warmth & positive vibrations were so tangible, as Janiece& other attendees embraced my daughter & I as we came in. After our introductions, we had ‘girl talk’ about where we’ve been & want to go in Life. The discussions ranged from body image & the importance of loving yourself no matter who  has an issue with it, to hair care & good food, to motherhood and Me time, &  a whole multitude of topics. As each of us connected, we found out how much we are alike & share exepriences that we each can learn from. The overall theme of each conversations was Self-Love. This simple yet profound meeting of the minds was incredible.  What I loved most eas how we all took the time to listen & hear each other. Janiece shared our stories of how we each had certain points in our lives that affected our health & relationships with others because of the lack of time we spent taking of ourselves. This is how Fabu Phit was born. By recongizing the need to take care of one’s self, by remembering to show ourselves Love, we pay closer attention to what we think & fill our minds with, how we feel, what we eat, our physical health, & our spiritual health. Janiece’s goal with Fabu Phit is to create a welcoming space fornother women to come & gain useful knowledge to apply to their everyday lives that will help create & maintain balance.

Janiece is truly a bright soul & I’m so glad to have met her! I look forward to doing more with her in the furture. Something I took from this exeprience, among many other important lessons, was the importance of sharing our stories. 
I am so grateful for the chance to experience this. It truly was insipring for Inner Peace & I highly recommend you visit her site fabuphit.ca for more! You won’t be disappointed:-) A special thanks as well to my hairdresser & new friend, Janet (from Nanni’s Natural Hair Studios) for your kindness & encouragement. Had I not mentioned my blog to her I probably wouldn’t have known about Fabu Phit. I wouldn’t have met more like minded women to add love & experience on my journey. I  wouldn’t have had the opportunity to share Peace(ful) Project with more people & make it even more tangible to my readers, as I am working on more & more. 

Have a great & inspiring day my loves! Shine your light as you never know who you’ll meet & who you’ll touch with your story 🙂 As always, Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

-Janiece McIntosh: owner of Fabu Phit

-Janet Campbell: storyteller, hair stylist, and owner of Nanni’s Natural Hair Studio; LadyDee 

“Never be afraid to seek out ways to discover yourself. You will never be disappointed!” -LadyDee


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  1. Thank you for sharing our event and thank you for attending. It’s important to connect and collaborate with like minded women in Toronto and to support one another in our continual growth! Lots of love, joy, peace and happiness ❤️🙌🏾


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