Feel Free Friday ! Honor your story (part 3)

​Happy Friday! It’s that time again to Feel Free ♡ 

Let it snow! Another snowfall covered the city last night; may you all be safe & stay warm☺

Wednesday was part 2 of Honor your story & today I encourage you to share it! Be brave & be bold! What you think seems mediocre or as though no one will care, we have more Power than we think. We can touch the hearts, souls, & monds of others simply through the utilizatation of our uniques gifts. There is always more than what’s on the surface.

As I continue to work on building & expanding my blog, (thank you readers!) I sometimes struggle with pitching it to others, describing it & what it is exaclty that I do. We all have those moments where we feel like what we do isn’t much or that no one will really care. Sometimes I’ll meet people & in discussion, I may not mention what I do outside of my nursing career as my work, & I walk away from the encounter feeling like I did myself a diservice because maybe just by speaking about Peace(ful) Project, may reach & inspire someone else. Then there are those moments where I do speak about what I do with this blog & the way it is received is always with welcoming comments & inspiration read the posts & to just be more positive in their own lives. I have even been invited to write about a business or initiave, to edit & write magazine articles, & facilitate workshops!

So, to start honoring my story more actively, I will be pitching Peace(ful) Project to a natural spa pop-up event, to attend & write a piece about the importance of life balance & women’s beauty. I’m nervous but the more I think about it I’m actually really excited. Even if my presence isn’t accepted, at least I will build the confidence to continue seeking out ways to build Peace(ful) Project & reach more people with each post. 

Thanfkully, I have really good sister-friends that encourage me with reminders of how my words reach them & others. Each day I grow more confident in what I do, that I am a writer (I write poerty, short stories, & motivational pieces as with this blog, & much more)! This is who I am & this is what do: I write. And I am so grateful, because the more I write, the more comfortbale I grow within myself to share with others the Power of Peace. I hope that you reading this will find confidence in your own story as well, as we continue to grow together on this journey of Peace(ful)ness. Have a great day everyone & enjoy the weekend!

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆


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