Wellness Wednesday : Honor your story ! (part 2)

​Blessed Wellness Wednesday  ♡

Honor your story (part 2)

I hope we’re all having a good week so far, keeping warm & braving the wet & cool weather 😙

Part of being at peace within is to honor our truest selves. This means we give light to the parts of us that need that extra spark & to those places in us that need not be hidden. Sure there are things in our life that have happened that need not define us, that we aren’t proud of. Today’s post is to encourage & inspire you in terms of seeing all of you, accepting the flaws & all, & moving forward in your greatness.How do we do that? Here are some steps:

The first step is to release any shame or guilt you may be holding onto. It may be something that you did or didn’t do that you need make ammneds for & seek forgiveness. It may be that you need to let go of some hurt that you carry around from what someone else did. It can also be that you are blaming yourself for something that needs healing. Whatever it is, release it. Go seek that forgiveness & clean the slate. Forgive the past & move forward with the present into the future. This is huge when it comes to living your truth & honoring the story of you.

The second step is to believe in yourself. You have a dream, a goal that you want to reach. Envision yourself there. Feel what it will be like for you, what you want to feel when it is accomplished. Live in that feeling, write it downon your goals list, & speak on it! The more you hear it out loud the more real it becomes for you. 

Last but not least is to talk to others about it. Share it with others that inspire you, that are clearly supportive of you. Take advantage of those chance opportunities where you meet a person that may even help you reach that goal, & speak on it! You never know what can happen! You may become closer to your goal than you think. And even more importantly, you may inspire someone else, whether they can relate to you & no longer feel alone with their own story, or for them to speak their own story & go for their goals. Now, there are some that you don’t need to tell all your goals to, but in the cases where it is clear that you are in a safe & divinely appointed place to speak, Feel Free!

Stay tuned for next time, as on Feel Free Friday I will be sharing some of my own experiences about how I am learning more about honoring my own story.  Stay tuned & I hope this inspires you to be true to yourself. Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do.”- Brenè Brown


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