Motivational Monday ! Honor your story (part 1)

​Welcome back to Monday!♡

I hope we all enjoyed our time this weekend. This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel with my sister-friend our kiddies, & explore something new & different, & I am so grateful for it. Learning about where you came from, understanding more about the context of your roots, definitely makes it clearer to understand the steps you need to make towards your future. 

Visiting the Charles H. Wright African American History Museum in Detroit, I was given another look into the history of my African ancestors. From the beginning of time, learning about our roots in the development of the human race, to the numerous civilizations, through slavery, & our continued progress throughout the years, it was eye-opening to get a life-like experience of it all. Needless to say, it was emotional, pulling at every heart string & fibre in my physical & Spiritual body. There were moments of hesitation where I didn’t  want to walk through certain exhibits, but there was no turning back & the only way through was to go forward. At the end of the exhibit, releif & gratitude were the lingering feelings. Relief was because there were some aspects that don’t have to move forward with us, & that as painful as it is to know the atrocities happened, there are still many things to learn from that resonate into the here & now. Grratitude was for all of it, namely that there is such a place that allows not only people of African descent to visit & see ancient to present artifacts of our ancestors & presemt day peoples, but where other nationalities can come & learn about what we went through & where we are now.

There is great power in honoring our stories. When we take the time to learn from our past, we make room for forgiveness, for love, for understanding, Not only that, we can make preparations for better steps in the future, whether the past was positive or negative. No need to dwell in it for too long, but sometimes a good examination is needed so you can weigh it all out. No need carry around guilt & shame, but rather put love to it, make amends  with yourself & others where you can, & move forward. Some people will join you on the journey & others may exit your path, but when clarity is gained, the only way is forward.  Love yourself & be yourself.  Peace & Love ♡☆

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”- Marcus Garvey 


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