Fear not! Terrific Tuesday !

​Good day ♡

Terrific Tuesday has rolled around & Im thankful we’re here for it. I missed you all yesterday, got caught in the craziness of a Monday; alarm went off late & the work day was super hectic, but it’s a new day! 

The question for today is, when working on your goals, what do you fear? Chartering the unknown can be pretty scary, but you know what? When it comes to our growth, nothing is usually too smooth about that. Just remember that innate strength that is in all of us. Here’s a story about a man who faced his fears & made it through with Joy.

I read a story about a blind man who had a beautiful voice & had also survived the Holocaust. He made a promise to those who were with him that encouraged him that he would pursue a career in music if he survived. He did survive and became known for his voice. More importantly he became known for his Joy, as he spoke of not allowing his painful experience to keep  him in sadness but rather to lift him up into a place of Peace. Remembering the comfort that his singing brought others while in the concentration camps helped him through rough times. Did he cry? Sure! Was he afraid? You betcha! Did he give up? Not a chance!

This story brought a tear to my eye, thinking of the countless survivors in history & present day that continue to press on & strive for more  despite the things they have been through, some of whom I know personally. I encourage you, as they have encouraged me, to remember that inner strength that is innate in all of us. Make a habit to tap into it, especially when fears start to cloud your vision on your route to your dreams. They are only as limiting as you let them be, so don’t let them! 

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love♡☆


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